View Full Version : Looks like we got our "announcement"...

02-28-2001, 07:41 AM
Read it and weep, lucasarts.com.. a new Star Wars RTS!

Those let down by Force Commander may be anxious about this one, but those hoping for an FPS are probably disapointed.

Well, I guess we can keep waiting and hoping, just the same...


Boba Rhett
02-28-2001, 09:15 AM
You...you mean.....that was the big announcement? *starts to tear up*
OH ****!!! What the heck do they think the're doing!?!?!

I live here ya know.

02-28-2001, 12:58 PM
They're thinking of making people like me anxious for it to come out! hehehe. hey, rhett, if you're on aim today, i'll send you a preview of my 'first person rts' level. It's pretty easy, but i think i got it into a game, it's boxy, but i'll change that later. The base looks alot like one you'd see in imperial construction yards too...I've matted all the bases (except for the landing pads, which still need to be done sometime).

I've got rid of the homming caused by putting a color behind a color (when you do the ramp on a 3do to make it look slanted, you need to put a the same color as the outside on the inside to keep it from homming). Does anybody know how to make their own turret? 'cause i have a HUGE idea for the one i need on the convoy vehicle. I made what looks like a mounted turret on it, i'm not sure if i'll need to delete it though and add it on seperately and give it the turret cog and everything else i'd need to do with a turret. this looks like a question for....massassi!