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04-28-2002, 05:56 PM

I'm a n00b, at have a question about keyboard layouts. I want to change my layout because the default layout is mostly useless. For instance, one of the saber moves calls for C+FORWARD+PRIMARY ATTACK. I can't pull this off. My right hand is on the mouse, with my index finger on primary attack. My left hand is on the directional keypad, and there is no way I can stretch my pinky over to the C key.

Anywho, it is also difficult to reach the strafe buttons with my left hand while manipulating the directional keys... I sometimes hit the ? button, or I hit the Alt (secondary attack) key when reaching for the spacebar (jump key). Why would they make the set up so useless????? Forget about the force keys, I have to stop moving to get to those :)

Anywho, I know most people remap the keyboard, but I was just wondering if there is a standard remap you guys use, or what you have found to be the best remapping. Also, when you're dueling, do you use the mouse, or strictly the keyboard? It seems akward sacrificing a whole hand to the mouse, but I can't imagine dueling without the quick dynamic movement the mouse supplies.

Darth Scourge

04-28-2002, 06:06 PM
Alright.... I am by no means normal :p but this is what I use:

Mouse button 2 - move forward
Mouse button 1 - attack
Mouse button 3 - alt. attack (which is my wheel)

A & D - strafe
S - backwards
Space - jump
CRTL - duck
L - stance
P - take picture
G - Taunt

F1 - push
F2 - pull

The other force powers and a few misc. items I have game commander (voice control) setup to handle. Like heal, protect, absorb... few others. That way I can just speak what I need and have it done for me.


04-28-2002, 08:04 PM
I have a five button mouse to help here, but it's not really necessary. I only use one button that's not on a normal mouse, and that one's not even really necessary.

Anyway, to the configuration.

Mouse 1 - Attack
Mouse 2 - Secondary Attack
Mouse 3 - Jump
Mouse Wheel Up/Down - Cycle Through Force Powers

Up arrow - Move Forward
Down arrow - Move Backward
Left arrow - Strafe Left
Right arrow - Strafe Right
Keypad Insert (0) - Duck
Keypad Home (7) - Taunt
Mouse 4 (Certain mice only) - Change Stance

Control (Ctrl) - Use Force Power
Keypad End (1) - Force Heal
Keypad Left (4) - Force Protect
Shift - Force Absorb

Neko Lain
04-28-2002, 08:18 PM
since when did people start using arrows again?

04-28-2002, 08:25 PM
Originally posted by Neko Lain
since when did people start using arrows again?

I wasn't aware that people ever stopped using arrows... I don't see the disadvantage.

04-28-2002, 08:27 PM
this is my current lay out, i may change it a little to make force powers easier to switch
ctrl- duck
shift- jump
enter- use force
left- strafe left
right- strafe right
forward/back- forward/back
1 mouse button- prim. atk
mouse 2- 2nd attack
wheel- spin changes wep; click changes saber stance
z and x- cycle through forces
s and d- cycle through items
a- use item
r- taunt

i may make [ and ] to be heal and push or change them to forward and previous force and use \ as a hotkey for push (always have to have push to fend off evil force grippers)

using the direction buttons is easier for me than the keypad. sometimes you take your fingers off the keys and you have to be able to find your place without looking so having keys that are easy to find are good. I like my layout, because i can do all the running, jumping, crouching/rolling with one hand. i just use mouse look to navigate

04-28-2002, 08:59 PM
Personally I like the letters WASD over the arrows. There are more keys within hands reach. If you set it up right you don't have to move your keyboard hand at all. If you are going to use the arrows at least remap left and right to the strafe commands instead of useless turn. If you turn your mouse sensitivity up a little you never need turn.

Neko Lain
04-28-2002, 09:16 PM
Originally posted by GosU-ChoBo

I wasn't aware that people ever stopped using arrows... I don't see the disadvantage.

the disadvantage is, that most of the keys around the arrows are too far away, you get alot more keys which are closer when using something like w,s,a,d
You can form your keys, after your hand, making it alot more comfterble, and easier to use.