View Full Version : Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon -- The Video Game!

05-18-2001, 06:23 PM
Talk about a cool license, this game has major potential. Check out the press release from Ubi today!

<blockquote>Ubi Soft® Entertainment, one of the top 10 interactive entertainment publishers worldwide, announced today that it has acquired the license from Sony Pictures Consumer Products for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon™”. The smash movie, based on the book by the same name, garnered 10 Oscar nominations and 4 awards last year, including best foreign language film. In addition, the movie generated gross box office receipts in excess of $125 million in the United States. Ubi Soft will now develop and publish worldwide games based on the intricate story and intense martial arts theme. Using the hottest new technologies and a team of highly specialized graphic and design experts, Ubi Soft will ensure that the games include the same mindblowing special effects that thrilled moviegoers around the world and left fans wanting more. Spring of 2002 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon™ will debut on formats including PlayStation®2, PC, GameCube, Game Boy® Advance and Xbox. The movie recounts the story of two Chinese warriors, a man and a woman, who, while devoting themselves to the duty and honor of their ancient profession, have ignored their love for one another. They battle both internal demons and external enemies with incredible martial arts tactics combining electrifying fight sequences, acrobatic action, and eye-catching flight choreography, in the battle to save the spirit and righteousness of a young warrior princess and find one another again.</blockquote>