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05-19-2001, 07:48 AM
Well, it looks like the boys at LucasArts have finally listened to their customers. In case you have been out of the country, E3 is currently going on and LA has been said to have the most impressive lineup. Rogue Squadren 2 is said to be the best video game for the Gamecube. Obi-Wan is looking decent for the box-from-hell...um..er... I mean X-Box. But it looks like those of us with PC's have come out the best. Jedi Knight 2 has been announced, and insiders who have seen screen shots say that it made their jaws drop. It is being made with an upgraded Quake 3 engine. LA has also answered our cry for a REAL RTS, Galatic Battlegrounds. Its being made by the same folks who made Age of Empires 2, on an upgraded AoE2 engine. Can you say sweet? And for you RPG fans, The folks who brought you baulders gate are in cahoots with the LA boys to make Knights of the Old Republic. Think a 3d engine that is twice as good as Baulders Gate 2, set 4000 years before EP.1. Starfighter, that little gem that was released for PS2, will also be released for both X-Crap and PC. Rogue Squadren 2 will more than likly follow right behind. Basically, there is a little something for everyone, and I am very excited! Not since the good old days of X-Wing, Tie FIghter, and the dark Forces games have we seen such a kick-butt line up from LA. While they may have had us doubting as of late, LA appears to be definatly making up for it! Now if only they would come out with a Jedi Power Battles 2, without all the glitches and bugs....Hey, a guy can dream cant he?

05-19-2001, 11:43 AM
For more details and links, see this week's news on <a href="http://www.jediknight.net">JediKnight.net's news page</a>. ; )

Just one question I have for you though. You mention StarFighter for PC.

I have heard no such report from LEC about it (only XBox and of course the PS2 version which is already out). Can you give me a link for that?



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05-19-2001, 12:08 PM
really starfighter's coming to pc?????? cool! well, sortof. it won't run on my cpu. http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/frown.gif i think Turok Evolution will be the best gamecube game ever!

05-19-2001, 04:03 PM
That's what I was wondering.

I'm wondering where he learned that StarFighter was coming to PC.. since I hadn't heard a thing about it. ; )



05-20-2001, 02:12 AM
Check out TheForce.Net. THey said that it was rumored yesterday and it was confirmed today.

05-20-2001, 09:30 AM
spot on horn....

its at tfn kurgs

Put captain cargo in the solo hold.......... I mean.... DAMMIT!

05-20-2001, 07:03 PM
I don't like to post mere rumors, but IGN seems to have a good source and info, so I've posted that, thanks guys. ; )