View Full Version : Come and play on my server

04-28-2002, 10:56 PM
Custom map rotation - Duel and FFA maps.
Lots of new skins and maps
Saber only and force powers (except in duel maps)
No cry babies allowed
G_Speed = 202 :cool:
Fast Dedicated server :D

Check out the action at


04-29-2002, 12:09 PM
How many people on this site complain about guns and people that fight with no honor? Here's a server with slowed down speed for better saber combat, no weapons, and I'll disable force heal and force drain once they issue a patch that fixes the lockups that occur if you try to do this. So come on now. The best thing is that if there is a force abuser who doesn't know how to use the saber well his time will come becuase every other map is a non-force duel so you can make em pay! :D