View Full Version : Posting server.cfg's !!!!

04-28-2002, 11:50 PM
When I first decided to put up a jedi knight 2 mp server I found that there was a lack of resources out there for newbs on how to get started. Even a google search took a couple of hours to sort through to find the right material. The hardest part was to find example server.cfg files! To solve the problem i say to everyone who runs a dedicated server: POST YOUR CFG'S SO THE NEWBS HAVE A CHANCE. The more servers that we get up the better gaming community will we evolve into. I'll be the first to post mine:

// Jedi Knight II Server Config

seta g_motd "May the force be with you."
seta sv_hostname "<=Hanibal=>'s Jedi Knight 2 Server"
seta Administrator "*******"
seta url "http://www.need2jive.com"

seta g_needpass 0
seta sv_privatePassword "********"
rcon_password "********" (havn't tested rcon yet)

seta sv_maxclients 10
seta sv_privateClients 2
sv_maxRate 10000
seta g_inactivity 0
seta net_port 28071
seta port 28071
seta sv_master1 "masterjk2.ravensoft.com:28071"
seta g_allowvote 1
seta g_duelWeaponDisable "65531"
set timelimit 20
set fraglimit 15
set duel_fraglimit 10
set capturelimit 0
set g_autoMapCycle 1
set dedicated 1

map ffa_bespin