View Full Version : JKII Video

04-29-2002, 03:53 AM
Hey, is there a limit to the max framerate that you can get in JKII? I can't seem to get anything over 90-99. I have heard of games that ship with framerate limits that can be changed by typing in a console command. Anyone know anything about this?

04-29-2002, 04:17 AM
Yeah...I figured out my own question. Seems that Quake 3 ships with this framerate limit that limits the rate to 85-90. After a little searching, I found you can set it to a higher number to correctly see just how well your video card is performing. The console command, for anyone else who is interested is:

/com_maxfps "number" ex: /com_maxfps 300

My performance with my Geforce 2 Ultra jumped from maxing out @ 90 to hitting 250 sometimes and now averages around 125 for quake 3. In Jedi knight, my 90 max rate jumped up to about 130 and still averages around 80-90. So, this command will work for Quake3 and Jedi knight and I speculate that any game based on the quake 3 engine will use this command too. Hope I helped out some others by answering my own post :-)