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05-24-2001, 01:35 AM
If you missed out on the <a href="http://www.lucasarts.com">LucasArts</a> sponsored chat, here are some of the main points that were discussed. All these responses are from Haden Blackman of LucasArts. Here ya go:

Knights of the Old Republic

[1] It looks great. I saw the demo at E3. I've been working on the project as a Content Supervisor, and I can tell you that the team consists of HUGE Star Wars fans who are very excited about the time period and the chance to create "new" Star Wars content.

[2] The Space component will have a very intuitive control scheme. Right now, you can fly using a mouse. Twitch reflexes will play a part in combat, but so will character skills. Really, it's a hybrid of arcade-action and RPG. It will be closer to Wing Commander style of play then our older, hardcore flight SIMS.

Jedi Knight II

[3] We're shooting for a tightly-knit group of Force powers that are easy to control. We haven't determined the exact number yet, but we do know that we'll have things like Force push, a keen saber throw, force jump, and a force distract.

[4] Right now, the plan is to do the cut-scenes in-game, with some pre-rendered beauty shots. No actors, though.

[5] The Team has finished the initial design and story outline. They are also far along in creating art assets. Level design has begun as well. It's still pretty early.

[6] Several years after the battle of Yavin - 13 or 14 I believe.

[7] As the game evolved, it started to feel more console oriented than PC oriented (Obi-wan), which is why we shifted it over (and kicked off JKII to fill the PC need.) Also, XBOX was a perfect choice because we already have experience developing on the platform (sort of) because it's so similar to the PC.


[8] Politics will be like any other skill trees - you'll earn political skills based on certain achievements and prerequisites. Once you attain certain skills, you'll be eligible for political positions within the game. Players can also elect mayors of player-run communities.

[9] We haven't decided on casions yet, but we will have some of the common Star Wars games (sabacc,) so it's a possiblity. You'll also be able to own shops related to various crafts.

[10] Do you worry about the mass slaughter of Gungans that will occur when SWG goes live? -> Not really. The Gungans are actually pretty tough. Anyone who goes looking for trouble might find more than they can handle.

Rogue Leader

[11] Rogue Leader is our first GameCube effort. The success of that title and the platform itself will determine whether or not we produce any other GameCube titles. It's highly likely, though. I don't know if we'll see JPB on GameCube - we're focusing on new nextgen titles.


[12] I hope that all our games are popular. I think Battlegrounds has huge potential on the PC (partially because it will have lower system requirements then some other titles out there, and it looks great.


I even got a few questions in ;)