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Wraith 8
04-29-2002, 09:14 AM
Ok... im in a bit of an RPG mood.

im opening another RPG. with this one i have some more rules. please keep to them.

In this RPG, there are NO jedi's, Sith, or other people with the feeling of the force. sure u can encounter Darth Vader or Obi Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker. but your charachter can not be one. sorry. but mots of the times when i play an RPG, the people who are Jedi go to far.. and make stuff up for powers they have and what they can do... they mostly dont stay in the Star Wars Galaxy, but create their own.

This RPG has a timeline in it. it starts several years before the completion of the firts Death Star. You can choose yourself who you are or what you do. im thinking of making a whole new char... i have to think one up tho.. so ill post in a little while.

have fun.

Wraith 8
04-29-2002, 12:07 PM

*The young adult got out of his loadlifter and walked up to the small office at the end og hangar bay 12. he entered and his boss Brass didnt look happy. infact he looked furious. he was ll red in the face.*


well...... sir..... I.....


I have no.....


*Brass turned around angry. he sighed and Atex didnt want to look at the man so he looked down at the floor*

Look. I know you are having a hard life right now, with you mom sick and your dad dead. But you have to pay attention or I will have to fire you.

*Atex looked up startled and shook his head*

But sir, i need this job to get money to help my mom. If you fire me she will die.

Listen kid. If this company was in the hands of the Empire, and it probably is in most aspects, you would be gone. away from here after 3 months. I have kept up with you for almost a year now. im giving you an ultimatum. If you make one mistake. ONE MISTAKE! your out of here. without pay and pardon.
Now get back to work

*With that Atex walked out of the office. he couldnt possibly feel more down. He jumped on his load lifter and wne tback to work.*

04-30-2002, 01:13 AM
(OOC: Im using my same character name, but he is someone else.)

Thiris lands in his battered Y-Wing in the second hanger of Dantooine. Y-Wings are about to have a sister fighter in the struggle against.


Congradulations men, a job well done, these starfighters are now ours, with that intercept you guys made, although we cant lie down. We did happen to get the prototypes and blueprints of this new starfighter the empire has laready ordered some new ones apprently called Tie Fighters, we want it destroyed, but we dont know how early into the porcess we will arrive, lets hope the start, they have carrack cruiser escort as the freighters make the exchange to Star Destroyer: Vengence. You will be escorted by two Correlian Corvettes, we want no losses we cannot afford it. Gear up we want this over ASAP.


Great just as we pull off the heist of the century we have to go back out.

(OOC: Jack is deemed an NPC, he is just a wingman of Thiris')


No doubt this will be as dangerous as the first


Yeap but we pull this off we should be able to rest a fair bit.

*Thiris and jack gear up*

Voice over speakers

All pilots to your ships.

Thiris drops in his Y-Wing and preses the button to his right to close the cockpit, his R2 unit is dropped into the the bay and he gives a thumbs up and takes off

(OOC:All wingmen are NPC's)

Gold 1

Ok team form up, report in

Gold 2

gold 2 reporting in

Gold 3

gold 3 reporting in


Gold 4 reporting


gold 5 reporting

The 7 remaining fighters report in.


Ok make the jump into hyperspace, we will see you back soon.

*12 Y-Wings make the jump to hyperspace shortly followed by the Corvettes

The Ywings enter first and get into formation, they look over their radar and through their viewports.

Gold 2

2 o'clock we have the target

Gold 1

Its going the wrong way


We are too late

Gold 1

Pipe down Gold 4

*Entering the area 24 Tie fighters from Alpha Squadren*

*Entering the Area 1 Victory Star Destroyer*

Gold 1

Ok retreat Vetties

*2 Corvettes have exited the area*

Gold 1

Team the tie fighters are almost in intercept range and the Star Destroyer is moving in behind us covering our exit, any suggestions?


We need somewhere to leave at about a bearing of 230. Or a distraction

Gold 1

Ok im goin to send a transmission to the commander and see if he can give us some co ordinates...

Gold 11

Fighters Fighters Fighters!!!!!!

*Green lasers fire all over the place*

Gold 2

All members take evasive action, cover gold 1 he is still trying to get the message off, there is resistance, a heavy asteroid field in the way

*Y-Wing 6 gets blown out of the sky as 3 tiefighters cross over through the explosion*

Gold 9


*Gold 9's engines are blown off sending it into an eternal spin as he ejects.*


I've got two infront of me

*Jack destroys 2 in one sweep, and takes out the third in the second sweep.*

Gold 2

Seven fighters on gold 1, help him NOW!

* All the Y-Wings change direction and move to intercept the fighters. But the new Ties are too quick and destroy Gold 1 in a matter of seconds*

Gold 2


Ok we need to destroy more they still have 21 left and we have how many? 9

In two seconds take a hard right Thiris i have them on you

*Thiris swings to the right at the right moment and Gold 2 blows up 4 fighters in 1 sweep*



Gold 3

They are agile but have weak hulls

*Gold 3 suddenly explodes after a turbolaser rips through the sheilds disintegrating the hull*

Gold 2

Gold group report in.

Jack reports in, Thiris Reports in, 7,8,10, 11 and 12 report in.

*Thiris swings around and wipes 2 fighters out of the universe.*

Gold 12

this is gold 12, 11 is gone im all alone out here.


Im coming

*As jack flies on path, the star destroyer hits him in the power core and his power shuts down, he is caught in the tractor beam and he cannot get out. His fate lies on the Destroyer*


*Gold 12 ejects before his fighter is destroyed.*

Gold 2

Can anyoe see gold 8

Gold 7

Umm thats him, at 5 o'Clock

They all look out and see the Y-Wing cockpit the only thing left as he drifts off, and a tie fighter sweeps around to destroy it, the 3 remaining wince at it.

Gold 10

Im transmitting co ordinates i found. just hang when you get there and remember i dont know how to get out, i just know its civilised.

Gold 2

Good as soon as you get it people make your way. Dont stay and be a hero just go, thats an order!


I got it im out of here

*Thiris punches in the co ordinates and hyperspaces instantly*

*Gold 10 is transmitting to gold 7 as he is blown out of the sky*

Gold 2

Ok now we are in trou...

*gold 7 gets blown up by a missile*

*Gold 2 is now alone with 15 tie fighters. He does some rash moves and manages to take out 5 before being destroyed.*


*Thiris exits hyperspace on a heavily populated world, it seems to be a heavily relied on big corporations judging by the look of the cities and their names...*

(OOC: In other words i ha ve tried to describe a world which i think your living on. Sorry if i ragged on but i hope you enjoyed my little story.)

Wraith 8
05-01-2002, 06:40 AM
((OOS: sorry. i thought you might have read my new charachet profile in the thread above this. you know .. the sticky. well the planet im on is Coruscant. the imperial center :D and i realy liked your story.. it was realy XWA like :D :D ill reply later on))

05-01-2002, 08:58 AM
Just as Thris stops admiring the city he sees, two imperial Star Destroyers.


The co-ordinates led me to...

*Thiris looks down*

what a traitor...


R2 Unit

Beep Beep
(Translation: Uh Oh, better head for the surface ASAP)

*The two stardestroyers orders thiris to shut down his craft, but they arent in range he makes a dash for Coruscant.*

(OOC: thanks, hehe ok i fixed it kinda...)

Wraith 8
05-01-2002, 10:03 AM
*It was almost the end of the day. Atex was very carefull all they long and hadn't made any mistakes since this morning. He was just putting the last container of food for the distant planet of Naboo into a Muurian Transport, when his boss Brass called for him over his comunicator. Atex put the cargo container down and backed his load-lifter away.
He walked to Brass his office and enterred. He sat there and with him an Imperial naval commander. a lieutenant if Atex saw it right. Brass didn't look happy and he pointed where Atex had to sit down. Atex sat down and waited what Brass had to say.
Brass sighed deeply.*

Atex. you have worked here for a year now. You have made mistakes and errors more times in one year than I have made in my 45 years I live. This is Lieutenant Needa. He just told me that this company as from tomorrow will be in Imperial hands. They need this company to supply their Star Destroyers.
They looked over the personel files and they are getting rid of all people who dont function propperly. Im afraid your fired.

*Lieutenant Needa smiled evil at Atex. Atex hated the man and wished him a cruel death like suffication or something. He also looked mad at Brass. How could he do this to him. He knew his situation with his sick mother. But Atex took a deep breath. It wasnt wise to insult his 'former' boss now and insult an Imperial Naval officer.*

I see sir. than if you dont mind I will get my stuff and take off.

*Without waiting for a reply Atex stood up and walked out of the office toward his locker. He took all his datapads and his other stuff and put them in his modified backpack and went up to the roof of the buiding.*

Wraith 8
05-01-2002, 10:24 AM
*Atex now sat on the rooftop terrace of his former transport company. He sat on a chair by a table where during the day some people came to have lunch and look at the traffic. Atex came here often after a day's work. he would sit there and with his special designed program and slice into the Space traffic control center of the western part of Coruscant.
He had his Datapads spread over the table and they all showed all sorts of info over the ships in orbit.
Atex could see all ships in orbit and keep taps on them and check their com transmissions. sometimes Atex would get to close to sertain information that the Imperials could see someone was looking into the Traffic control room. at that point an alarm would sound on his main datapad. He also had electro binoculars with him, only his were highly modified. He enhanced it so you could see farther away and see more detail.
Corzip was currently trailing some Lambda class shuttles who just took off.*

Comm transmition
this is shuttle Tyderium going into hyperspace toward Corellia in
5..... 4..... 3..... 2...... 1..... 0.....

*Atex saw the shuttle go to hyperspace threw his binoculars. he thought it was so cool if he could fly a fighter or a shuttle. But he hated the Empire and they were the ones that had the fighters. Atex did follow new designes of new fighters. The TIE fighter was a new model of fighter. it was light and maneuverable, but it didnt have any shields. now the Y-wings and the X-wings had shields. but only the rebbelion flew with those and Atex had no chance of getting to Rebellion with his sick mother.*

Wraith 8
05-01-2002, 10:51 AM
*On another datapad infront of him he looked at his old Transport company. In some hangars they were still working, but a lot were empty. He wanted to pull a joke. he had recorded a lot of his old boss his voice over the year. and he had made a program that could generate the voice of Brass when Atex spoke. he sliced into the com unit and contacted one of the loadlifters.*

Atex with Brass' voice:

*The poor man in the load lifter emediatly turned around his vehicle and set the container somewhere else. Atex smiled.
Atex checked his other pads again. 2 Imperial Star Destroyers just came into the western sector of Coruscants orbit. they were patrolling. some of the smaller freighters made a run for it. they were probably carying ilegal stuff.
A group of 7 Carack class shuttles came out of hyperspace when an alarm went off. Startled, Atex rocked back and was just about to close all datapads when he noticed that the alarm he heard was not his. The alarm came from the Traffic control center.
Atex looked up what the trouble was all about, when he saw that a small fighter jumped out of hyperspace. Atex set his binoculors on it. It amazed him to see it was a Y-wing. What is he doing here all by himself. Atex saw that the 2 Imperial Star Destroyers rected to that and went for the small fighter.
Atex suddenly felt a surge of remorse for the fighter. It was going to die unless he did something. But what could Atex do to help the fighter. He thought about it and came up with a plan.
He looked at his former transport company and searched for an abandonded hangar. he found one. He then activated the voice program of his former boss' voice. Then he used the comm unit of his old company to contact the fighter.*

Atex with the voice of Brass:
Rebel Y-wing! I see you need help. come to these co ordinates and land at bay 17. You have to trust me. ill see you there. out!

*Now if the Empire was listening correctly they would think that Brass had colaborated with the rebels and track it the hangar where the Y-wing would land. But by the time they would be there, Atex and the rebel pilot would be gone. Atex quickly picked up all his datapads and ran to hangar bay 17.*

05-02-2002, 10:31 AM
Thiris recieves the transmission.

Thiris goes to his generated map and plots the points, he flies between the skyscrapers and out of the sides 4 Ties try to catch him. They shoot at him and damage his sheilds, as Thiris tries to move the beast of a craft around. A tie misjudges as four of them tries to fit htrough the gap and its panel gets ripped off and the ti crashes straight into a skyscraper.

Thiris heads down to the bottom as a Tie drops off by itself perhaps called back. The other two ties cross paths and are out of sight. Thiris looks around when one drops out of no where but straight into his laser path, and as a reaction he fires and it and the tie blows up and falls to a firey death. suddenly two fighters come from either side, but collide inot each other and Thiris bursts through the explosion. Thiris laughs at them and shakes his head.

Thiris pulls around the the hanger bay and lands. He gets his droid out and jumps out of the Y-Wing, which he knows his time with it has come to an end. He rubs its side and turns aroudn and sees a youth approaching him.


Your the message sender i presume?

(OOC: in expanded universe the Xwing was originally for the Imperials, but the rebels intercepted it and stole the fighter. So technically you shouldnt know about it, unless you 'overheard' something ;) )

Wraith 8
05-03-2002, 06:22 AM
((OOC: i know that :D. but as i stated in my charachter profile, my character is a realy good slicer and technician.))

Yes i am. You probably am wondering about the voice, but i used someone else his voice. But we have no time. Follow me i will take you to a save place. you will have to leave your Y-wing. The Empire will be here shortly.

*They both ran off to the exit and fanished into the city.

5 minutes later the whole transport company was flooding with stormtroopers. Brass was being blamed for harbering a rebel and was send to a prison colony on Dathomir. The company was now in complete hands of the Empire.*

05-03-2002, 10:55 AM
"Hold on"

Thiris ducks around the corner and comes out momentarily wearing a grey singlet top, his utility belt and long darker grey pants.

"Ok lets continue"

Wraith 8
05-06-2002, 11:54 AM
*Atex and the rebel pilot run for a couple of blocks and then Atex slows down.*

ok. we have to play it cool now, because in order to get to my house we need to cross a busy street, that is often filled with Imperials. Im Atex Dinn by the way.

*Corzip extends his arm to shake the rebel pilots hand*

05-07-2002, 05:42 AM

Thiris Rupsyd, just call me Third.

*third shakes his hand*

Ill give you mor detail bout myself at a more appropriate time. I also expected the place to be over run by Imperials... as it is Coruscant. Also these new troopers dressed in white, alot more efficient then the older ones i presume, the Emperor has barely used them on the rebellion yet.

*thiris looks around and sees alot of the troops walking around, some are talking, most on patrol, some are raiding houses. Some have binders ready to arrest.*

Hmmm, busy place it is

*Thiris and Corzip walk through the street. Nodding at stormtroopers as if they are alligned with the imperials.*

Wraith 8
05-08-2002, 10:00 AM
((OOS: lol... you just called me Corzip in the other post.... im Atex here :D))

*as they both get two streets further they come to the front of Atex his house. they bothe enter.
Atex first sais hello to his mother and then comes back to Thiris.
they both sat on the tabel in the living room. Atex looks at Thiris.*

How did you get here? what were you doing in a Y-wing at Coruscant? that is like asking them to kill you.
Have you been long with the rebbelion? is it fun, do you fly alot?

05-10-2002, 05:41 AM
Well we were out on a mission a hit and fade, to destroy some of the Empires star fighters, after just recently capturing some new X-Wings we are on a high.

But we got there to late, and all of my wingman were destroyed, to my knowledge. I was sent co ordinates to jump to, and it ended up being couscant, so i got your call and here i am.

Hmmm Piloting a rebel starfighter, fun, sometimes, exciting, always. I was about to go into test piloting the new X-Wing starfighters, they will probably help us turn the tables in our battle against the empire.

I have been with the rebellion for about 5 years, im a well acknowledged pilot around the base. I was Gold 3, sole survivor and i need to get back as soon as i can.

*Thiris thinks*

What about you? what do you do, what do you want to do?

Wraith 8
05-10-2002, 06:18 AM
well right now im nothing. i was working at the trde company you landed.. but they fired me cause i made some mistakes and the Empire took it over. i have to take care of my mom.. she is very ill.. and she stayes alive when i get here medicine... but the Empire has a lot of its stuf hidden for normal people.
i always wanted to fly rebel ships..and i read some inteligence reports i sliced into about the new X-wing... the Empire is beginning to say it is a worthless fighter... but i read the Incom reports and it looks tottaly cool. i wanna get off this worthless planet and i wanna get off fast. but i have to take my mom with me... i could try to slice into a ship rental or transport facilaty and get us a ship out of here.. what do you think?

05-10-2002, 09:30 PM
Thats a good idea, try and get a fast ship, we may ha ve to outrun imperials as a Y-Wing got in they wnt want much getting out.

We can take your mum, the only problem is the medicine, the rebels supplies are very low and althouh we are freedom fighters im not sure if they would raid a facility for it, but when we arent on duty we could do a few missions to do it.

05-11-2002, 02:12 PM
*a shady looking character walks in, steals the area bare, and walks out without being noticed*

05-16-2002, 11:18 AM
(OOC: Im new to the boards here, ive PRed before, but not using SW as a base, so i apologize in advance for any mistakes)

*A young man named Theloz walks through the streets of Coruscant after work at the imperial Palace, Theloz is a security guard at the Palace, his work is mindless and boring. But it makes him the credits he needs. As he walks home, he sees two people, a young boy and a young man walking through the intersection, they strike him as weird, being a security guard, he is taught to have a supiscious eye. The two walk as if they don't want to be seen, as though they are trying to hide something. Theloz approaches to two, but as he gets closer, he sees the young man has a lightsaber hidden under his robe, and he realizes this young man is a JEDI!! He has heard a lot about these elusize people, he remembers stories he grandfather told him about them and remembers how it seemed his Grandpa knew everything about them, like he had an inside view on the Jedi. Ever since he was told those stories, he had wanted to be a Jedi, he and his tounger brother Felix had faux lightsaber battles when they were young. As the man passes Theloz, he gives him a quick glance, and a rush of fear hits him, as if he felt what the man was feeling or thinking for a split second, the rush almost knocks him over, but he stays on his feet and tries to regroup himself. Theloz thinks to himself how this man must have a strong grasp of the force, more then most im the galaxy.

(OOS: you guys have permission to use Theloz however u want, and ill continue with him on your path, u get him goin in the way u want, and ill continue with it)

Wraith 8
05-16-2002, 11:27 AM
((OOS: lol.. wel first you got the wrong Dinn :D. in all other RPG's i use Corzip Dinn.. the jedi. but in this RPG im Atex Dinn :D a nephew of Corzip. and he is not force sensitive :D well almost not.. a little.. :D. lol never mind though. ill be along posting again in the RPG's.. cause i almost catched up to all posts in all forums i go to :D))

Wraith 8
05-21-2002, 11:03 AM
*Atex was glad with Thiris Reply.*

Good. now lets go out tonight and find us a freighter we can swipe. i saw some nice ones at the Old Republics Transport Tycoons & Co. lets head there tonight. ill get my stuff ready. this building has a flat roof we can land on. ill bring my mom to the roof roo, next to the roof exit. with all our belonings so we can depart emediatly to Rebel space. If you start putting everything in the 2 hover storages i have in the storage room, i will make us a fake name for the ship and a fake cargo list. lets get to work.

05-21-2002, 03:22 PM
Theloz decided to try and find out who these two people were. He headed to the nearest computer, and looked around a little, he noticed a news story about a y-wing pilot that was running lose through Coruscant, and the man that helped him get into the city, a man named brass had been caught, but wouldnt tell authorities where the man was, and continued to say he had no clue. Theloz decided to look into this brass character. He worked at hangar bay 12,. Why would this man help a rebel y-wing pilot? His paycheck came from the Empire, why would he help a rebel? He couldnt figure it out. Could the man he saw be the Y-wing pilot? But the pilot didnt have any help, his friend Brass was caught right? But what about the boy? Who was he? Theloz looked more into the story. Then he hacked into the staff list of Hangar Bay 12, he saw that a load lift operator had been fired that day, his name was Atex Dinn, and he was about 20 or so. Did that young man have anything to do with the guy he saw. Theloz kept looking and found a picture of Atex from when he was hired, it was a little old, but it was the person, it was him!! Did that mean the man he saw was the y-wing pilot? Theloz had to know, he wasnt a rebel, but the rebellion had always interested him. He wanted to meet this man, and talk to him, maybe even help him. He had a good amount of credits at his dispoasal, and didnt really know what to do with them, he could help them with a ship, or whatever they might need, as long as they took him with them. He was in a dead end job, with no one here to care for. His parents had died when he was just 14, and his brother was with the rebellion, maybe if he could get off his this planet, he could find his brother!!

05-22-2002, 03:55 AM
"Ok then"

Thiris starts loading the crates of Atex's stuff into the hover storage. He puts all the crates in a locks the compartment, Thiris walks downstairs to see Atex coming in helping his mother along. Thiris quickly clears a lounge for her to rest on while Thiris and Atex go for the freighter.

05-23-2002, 11:18 AM
Theloz had to find this two characters. He knew they had to get off the planet, and their best way was to rent a starship of some kind. They couldnt use the mans Y-wing, that was out of the question. So he headed to the star port that was in the area. He knew the two men were heading that direction when he saw them, so he hoped he would get lucky. Before he got there, he stopped and emptied his bank account. He didnt plan on staying on the planet for very much longer. He headed to the starport, and waited, he hoped the men would come...

Wraith 8
05-24-2002, 07:24 AM
*In a small alley besides the closest space port. Atex got out his slicing aquipment and started to slice into its mainframe. he found a nice Corellian freigter. a YT-2400. named 'the Outdoors'. it was there for sevice and the owner was gonna pick it up tomorrow.

Atex changed the date for pick up to tonight and that the owner was Atex Dinn and his friend were picking it up. the rpeairs were done and it had an improved hyperdrive.. so they could get out very quickly. they could go get it in 10 minutes. they had to report to the main entrance as Atex Dinn. he sliced on and whent to the part for paying for the vraft. he set the bill to the real owner and that it had to be sent first thing tomorrow morning to his hotel. will he be in for a suprise. -9 minutes left-. Ates went on with his work. he made a new ID for the ship once they were off from his home. and a new cargo list for goods.. -7 minutes- he listed the ship under the name: 'Dream on'. it was listed as a cargo ship that was to relocate a woman to Alderaan and her belongings. -4 minutes-. Atex packed his stuff up. and put on his backpack.*

*Atex looked at Thiris*

Its Showtime

*They walked to the end of the alley -2 minutes- and walked up to the central desk -1 minute- There was no one there at the moment. tiome was up and the new stuff Atex implanted in the system was now active, when someone else came into the main entrance, a man. And then lady from the central desk came in from the back.*

How can i help you?

05-24-2002, 11:25 AM
Theloz walked into the local repair shop right just as the owner, a women, was approaching the desk, he walked past two customers and headed towards the bathroom, he hadnt gone in a while, so he had to. But as he walked past the customers, he noticed something, and his heart lept. It was Atex and the Y-Wing Pilot!!!! He had guessed right, he was at the right place. He didnt know what to say to them, he didnt want to blow their cover, so he waited until they had finished getting their ship set up. The lady told them where it was waiting and thanked them for their patronage. As the two walked away, Theloz stepped ahead of them and said

Theloz: you are Atex Dinn right? I am Theloz Correian, i saw you earlier today in the streets, and I know who your friend is, but dont worry, im not going to tell anyone. I want to come with you, where ever your going. I have a lot of credits to help with whatever you need. My brother is with the Rebellion and I want to find him, I was hoping your friend could help me. Please let me come.

05-24-2002, 11:41 AM

Just follow us, but tag behind, we dont want to create a scene, if your only who you say you are this should not take long.

Thiris and Atex walk past and walk down to the ship...

05-27-2002, 03:26 AM
Theloz followed the two, his heart was in his throat. He couldnt wait to get off this god forsaken planet. He wanted to see hes brother. He had never been this nervous, what if someone stopped him? But then he remember something.
Theloz: wait, if anyone stops us, we dont have anything to worry about, im a security guard at the imperial palace, so i can show my ID, and tell them something like im transporting you, or something. Plus they dont know what you look like, so you should be fine, but even if we get stopped, i have clearance high enough that no street patrol will ask any questions.

Wraith 8
05-28-2002, 04:40 AM
*Atex, Theloz and Thiris enterred the cockpit of the YT-2400. they all strapped in. Atex looked At Thiris.*

Well... so far so good.

*Atex took off from the port and went in a straight line,but not exceeding the speed limit, to his house. he set the freighter down on the roof. They all got out. Theloz and Thiris got his stuff and Atex helped his mom aboard. he put her in the medical bed. They all went back to the cockpit and Atex sliced into the main control tower of his sector and sliced in a fake travel plan and some fake cargo enlistenment. it was dated as inputted for 3 months back, by a employee that was killed in a speeder crash.

They took off to the sky*

05-28-2002, 07:51 AM
Here use these co ordinates, as soon as you can make the jump make it, we need to get out of here as soon as we can.

Thiris looks around and sees a massive amount of freighters under heavy escort making the jump to hyperspace

"Hmm wonder what all thats for"

Thiris then returns to the co pilots seat and buckles up.

Wraith 8
06-03-2002, 09:05 AM
*Atex gives the right info to the control tower and the reach the point in space to jump from. atex pulls the lever away from him and they jump into Hyperspace. some parsects away he jumps out again.*

So. Thiris. what is our next jump destination?

06-04-2002, 03:04 AM
HEre i have he co ordinates written cown, as part of the path we need to take to get to the Rebel base. Make this jump and see where it takes us, heres the rest of the list, we ha ve to follow these in direct order. Make the jump as soon as you can im not liking this.

Wraith 8
06-05-2002, 06:35 AM
*Atex took the list of jumps to make.. and he programmed them into the computer. he set everrything for 1 minute between each jump.*

ok... hold on to your butt.

06-11-2002, 03:41 AM
Thiris looks over at him and jokingly puts his hands under his butt.

06-11-2002, 11:52 PM
OOC I hope I can join. Check my character at the other thread.

*I shoot a warning blast*
(I am speaking over a public com channel)
Freeze scum! My name is Renegade. You Imp better stop what you're doing, unless you want a nice vaccum hole in your ship. So what do you say Captain Rieeko? Are you gonna surrender? Now before you all go 'How did you know who I am?' and all that, I'm gonna tell ya that I've been watching your ship all week. Going to Imperial Center, going to see the Emperor, planning the next massacure. Well, enough's enough!

OOC It's a weak oppening, but it works. ;)

Wraith 8
06-13-2002, 07:30 AM
((OOC: uhmm i dont understand,... where are you? are you onboard? or on another ship? talking to us?))

06-13-2002, 09:53 AM
OOC I'm on another ship. The idea was that I was shadowing your ship for several days. The ship you are on belongs to a high-ranking Imperial official who reports to the Emperor. I was trying to find out information a massacure planned by him and relay the info to the Rebels. I hope this helps. (Note: I'm not trying to start a fight this early. I heard that's a no,no in Rping.)

Wraith 8
06-25-2002, 07:24 PM
*Atex looks at the ship.. and then he quickly puches the lever away from him as they jump into Hyperspace. toward the huge rebel fleet hanging over orbit of the Hoth asteroidebelt planning on styarting a base there sometime.