View Full Version : What part of JO provides the most fun for you

04-29-2002, 01:59 PM
Just wondering what game aspects of JO people like the most.

04-29-2002, 02:10 PM
w00t! first vote made by me :D
i for one appreciate multiplayer duel most, prefereably without usage of the force since when force is used, the better use of the force decides the outcome of the battle rather than skill with the saber.

though i also like the normal singleplayer mode, dunno why since the ending for example is really dull and the game is not that long. but still i like playing singleplayer... maybe because i sometimes get annoyed by the waiting times in duel

04-29-2002, 02:27 PM
I voted SP, using cheats, spawning etc.

Now that is fun, there's nothing better than having a good ol' fight with some Reborn on the highest walkway on Nar Shaddaa streets (MP version is better).

Darth Seph
04-29-2002, 02:44 PM
MP - online dueling here.
I just like the unpredictable nature of playing against humans. Despite AI getting better all the time in games, there nothing like playing against another mind.
The other thing is the fun with people online. There is nothing like beating some one online with a lucky attack. You can just picture them exploding at their screen.

04-29-2002, 03:36 PM
Your poll is missing something - NO freeze / lockups;)

that whould be my vote!

04-29-2002, 03:39 PM
Personally I'm a SP-only person. So replay value matters to me, which I find that JKII has to a very high degree. I have played JK1/MotS and DF several times, and am now on my 3rd play of JKII - in a row. Perhaps I'll tire of it at some point ... not yet.

04-29-2002, 03:45 PM
Duelling in the Jedi Vally map against someone using Light to Medium stance. No Force.

04-30-2002, 12:01 AM
I have to admit, I like a lot of aspects of JO, as I'm sure we all do. Spawning enemies with cheats in single player can be a blast. You can set everything up just the way you like it. Taking on a bunch of reborn and stormtroopers equals a real starwars-like experience for me.

FFA online can be a good time, but sometimes with a bunch of people in a small area it can become a button mash swing fest. Which is fine sometimes. I usually play on saber only servers. I haven't tried guns too much. I kind of prefer FFA with fewer people, so you can get more one on one combat. Duels are alright, but this limits fighting along with force powers. Although, like CupO'Coffee said, no force powers can also be appealing. Finding a fun server is a joyous thing. Getting on somewhere where the use of every other force power and strong stance results in name-calling can really take the fun out of the game.

Idealy I would probably play on more duel servers, but I hate waiting around to get in a game. This is especially true when the kill limit is higher so the same two people play over and over. I guess I'll have to set up my own server instead;)

Cheers all.

Hibiki Kensaki
04-30-2002, 12:06 AM
single player is so much funner cause the saber combat is so much smoother and more realistic than in mp..

04-30-2002, 03:19 AM
Capture The Flag. Working as a team is a lot of fun for me.

Ko'or Oragahn
04-30-2002, 06:48 AM
I know that what I'm going to say isn't one of the choices mentionned earlier but I really like the story and the Doomgiver.

04-30-2002, 12:56 PM
Originally posted by Ko'or Oragahn
I know that what I'm going to say isn't one of the choices mentionned earlier but I really like the story and the Doomgiver.

I think that goes with the Single Player, no mods - and I agree. I like the story and the way things build.

Checking back today there is a nice balance ... as well as people who like this game better or other games better ... that is why there aren't 4 games on the shelf (and why some games don't sell worth #*&%^)


Mr. White
04-30-2002, 01:18 PM
The story drives me.

04-30-2002, 01:24 PM
I agree that the saber combat appears much more realistic in single player, and I find that really appealing. In multiplayer, especially on servers where a lot of people use heavy stance, saber combat consists of swinging and then backing far away. There isn't much of the quick attacks and blocks like in single player. Besides, the reborn in SP don't just do DFA:) Do many other people feel this way about the SP vs MP saber fighting?

Another thing I like about SP is that you only encounter a few Jedi-like beings (but you can always spawn more), and the rest are stormtroopers, etc. Especially when using cheats and setting up force powers from the beginning, I like the fact that as a Jedi you really are powerful compared to most things you encounter. In MP, your are just another Jedi. Sometimes I like going against a bunch of stormtroopers who are just using guns.

I admit though, beating another human is more satisfying.

Darth Abbadon
05-01-2002, 04:06 AM
Originally posted by neovita
Capture The Flag. Working as a team is a lot of fun for me.
Of course it helps if the rest of your team isn't sitting with their thumb stuck up their......