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04-29-2002, 05:06 PM
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Xilimyth. A "Sith Shadowtrooper" following the light path of the force :). Anyways, I've heard a LOT of complaints about heavy style, and I would like o share my views on this topic.

1) Quote 1: Heavy Style is too powerful.

FALSE! Heavy Style is powerful, per hit...however, it is extremely slow, and if you miss a hit, you get hurt. I've been in a few games where I was accused of cheating because some n00b's heavy style was evaded or (OMG!) blocked by myself. (Yes, heavy style CAN be blocked, just not easily). The trick is, evade the first attack or prevent them from making it and just be smart and you can kill em. Sidestepping works great combo'd with a cross slash.

2) Quote 2: Heavy Styles hits me but I never see it.

TRUE! Heavy style DOES indeed have a clipping problem as well as what I like to call the "Delayed Kill". When the message says, "Player_01 was sabered by Heavy_Style_User", it would be more accurate for it to say "Player_01 was killed by a gust of wind caused by Heavy_Style_User". Currently, the only way to fix this is VERY VERY careful modding on the fan base's part OR reanimation of the attacks in an official patch. Personally, this is the only thing that bugs me about heavy style....but it can be fixed.

3) Quote 3: OMG! You cheater!

I hear this all too often when I actually switch saber styles in mid fight. There are times when I'll switch to light after a failed heavy attack and kill my opponent. The trick is, it seems everyone in this game does just choose ONE stance and sticking to it. I've found if you can master cross-style combos, you can catch people off guard easier.

So that's my opinion on that :). Heavy stance is powerful, but has its drawbacks. Again, the only point that bugs me is #2. Anyways, if you have comments, please post....yes, even flames are welcome (Since I took neither side, I don't think I'll recieve any though :) )

04-29-2002, 05:28 PM
hey, nice to meet another light force user.

i feel the same way as you do. im slowly starting to use strong style more often, and i've even tried using med and strong combos together.

the only thing i dont liek about strong style is while im in a saberr fight with more then one person, i always have someone come up behind me and kill me one hit hehehe i gotta get more observent :D

04-29-2002, 07:51 PM
i love light force powers :)

they are elequent

04-29-2002, 09:03 PM
A Light Sith.. hey, I figure if we can have "Dark Jedi" why not?

A Sith who went against his order and either followed the light side, or used his dark powers for the service of justice and for others, rather than for selfishness and oppression.

I picture them with red lightsabers and white robes (or white armor). ; )

04-29-2002, 09:23 PM
I am Xilimyth. A "Sith Shadowtrooper" following the light path of the force

please post somemore about the 'light sith' I am trying to deside how this would work... light powers used for evil, or vice versa?

04-29-2002, 09:30 PM
Thank God that someone actually isnt putting heavy stance down. I use heavy alot and people keep saying its lame blah blah blah. I ignore cause most of the times with my light side powers and heavy stance I almost always come on top. especially sith complain, but im liked you hippocrits you use drain and grip then attack while im stunned, same thing as my pull and attack combo. Its really laughable at times cause...last time I checked it was a game!!!. People complain like there actually getting killed by my stance. But anyway good to see that somebody sees the good and bad about heavy stance and not just that its bad. oh and good to see other light siders. Im starting to think that the population of mp is sith. :eek:

04-29-2002, 09:33 PM
Wellllll, it would probably work like Kurgan said, someone who started on the Sith path and then decided to fight for right. It could be an interesting story for an expansion, the redemption of a sith. You could start off as an apprentice, progress with your dark master and then branch off, and go to the light side and eventually fight your master etc...

Well that got off topic, but anyway its an interesting concept, and just for the record I have been playing a good deal of multiplayer duels and I haven't seen any indication that Heavy Style is better or worse than Medium style, I've been beaten by and have beaten both. The only style I have yet to have been consistently beaten by is Light style...I don't know if its because its worse, but it seems like not many people are interested in trying to learn it... (these are all NF servers too, the only place where light style would make a decent amount of sense)

04-29-2002, 10:39 PM
ia ctually found something like really really works for me, im a heal user, so i dont die often, unless im sorounded and being fired apon, but anyways, i switch between strong and med styles, so i charge up towrds a group, pickof the leader with strong, circle around with med and slice at the other guys, if they fight gets spread out i quickly change to strong and go in to take another dude out. So far this tactic has worked very very well, now i just gotta incorperate pull with it ;)

and with the Light side sith. It could be a person taught the ways of the sith and the dark side. but then changed to light side, while still incorperating his sith teachings....you never know :p

04-30-2002, 01:58 AM

Ahh, if all of you only knew of the Light Sith powers :). pher my l33t uberness! :P

POWER 1: Misconception

Level 1 - Allows use of heavy style for a brief moment after Medium Style when the foo ain't 'specting nothing :P. Works against one opponent.

Level 2 - Same as above but against 2 to 3 opponents.

Level 3 - Watch Xilimyth rack up 14 points against the entire blue team in 10 seconds :).

POWER 2: "This ain't the Sith you're looking for"

Level 1 - Slowly and carefully walk around with your lightsaber off while hiding in the colored lights of CTF games. You CAN be on both sides at once :).

Level 2 - Works even out of the lights against opponents named Padawan you just left from the old FFA game on NS_Streets you saved from being force pushed to Floor 1.


POWER 3: "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, yes, Xilimyth hates the clipping on Heavy Stance"

Level 1 - After getting hit with heavy stance, you drop to 25 health. After running for a bit, you can heal back up to 100 and try again.

Level 2 - Same as before, but you crossstep and axe the heavy stance user across the head.

Level 3 - Same as level 1, but anger pushes you to the edge and you hunt all heavy stance users. Sometimes even sacrificing your own teammates.

POWER 4: Face-in-the-Mud Groundrunner

Level 1 - You can carefuly use saber throw against an opponent so their failed heavy jump attack gets hit twice with your saber.

Level 2 - Allows the saber to swing back around for a 3rd hit as you jump over the opponent.

Level 3 - Causes the flying saber to spin around your body like a cyclone, damaging the heavy user multiple times. :P

POWER 5: It is your desinty....

Level 1 - If gripped or pushed off a ledge, allows you to pull your opponents off with you. However, you safely land on a ledge below while your assaultant falls to their doom.

Level 2 - Works against Heavy Stancers, as you get hit off the edge, they come with you.

Level 3 - Brings the Heavy Stancers' buddies with em :).

See? Uber huh? :) If anyone wants demos of this Shadowtroopers hybridized "Dark Honor" system, I'll record some games and post em :D.

Remember, even sith can like flowers, and puffy clouds, and yes, even heavy stancers (preferably dead at the end of their sabers though :P )

-Xilimyth 'The Light Side Sith'

04-30-2002, 02:01 AM
Oh, and by the way.... just from the horses mouth :)

A Light side sith is one of two things :)

1) A black armored bad-a$$ shadowtrooper with a red lightsaber using force heal. :)


2) A Dark Grey and red armored shadowtrooper with a smoking black lightsaber using force heal (my personal skin in the works). :)