View Full Version : who played Heretic II here?

04-29-2002, 09:57 PM
did you miss some of the move? Down stab? Pole Kicking? Do a double jump against a wall?

For those who don't know, Heretic II is an old game by Raven.

04-30-2002, 02:43 AM
I did!

I miss the wall-flipback from Hereticii, and the possibility to climb with your hands. Otherwise Im satisfied with JK2 :-)

04-30-2002, 03:05 AM
I didn't I was impressed by the demo.
Oh and I played HERETIC.

Damn I'm old at 19 heh heh.

04-30-2002, 06:06 AM
Heretic][ just plain rocked ass! -Hell, I still enjoy that game to this day;) -A Heretic]|[ would be freakin' sweet as hell!:D

04-30-2002, 07:43 AM
I don't know if you guys visit www.hereticii.com. there is a guy(wankaroo) who created a mod "capture the light". I also remember I love this game so much that I skipped my job. Finally I was fired by my boss.


04-30-2002, 08:08 AM
I did and loved it. I think it was a bit easier than lightsaber duels, but I love Star Wars so much that I got this game :D.