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Darth Kurgan
02-08-2000, 03:52 PM
This is really disturbing news...


Read it for yourself:


sniff, sniff : (


Jedi Master Xai-Qui
02-08-2000, 07:58 PM
Doom is dieing huh? It has been a while since I played that game. It was a good game for its time. And I can say it will be sorely missed but remembered as one of the first.
I suppose all games will end up like that. JK and MOTS have not been around as long but what really keeps it alive are the mods. Basically as long as people will play I will keep making Mods! I am getting ready for a possible new venture into editing Obi1.

But anyway, If everyone will bow their heads to Doom, May is be missed and rest in peace. It shall be remembered.

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Darth Kurgan
02-08-2000, 11:16 PM
(sob).. and to think Doom was only seven years old! sniff.. : (

Oh well, I'm sure it's got a bit of life left.. with several grand TC's nearing completion.


Darth Kurgan
02-11-2000, 12:07 AM
Wait, there is hope!

http://doomnation.com/teameternity/mainrants.html ; )


02-20-2000, 08:42 PM
Doom... I seem to remember hearing that name somewhere before...

Oh yeah, that was it! You had a little pink guy who could suck up his enemies and blow them back out to kill others.

No, wait, that was Kirby's Dreamland.

Seriously though - Doom and Doom 2 were the first games I had on my PC, and I played it to death. Too bad I'll never get to play it online - I lost them when I sold my 1stPC, and haven't been able to buy them back in the UK... damn shame.

Doom, we salute you.

02-21-2000, 08:12 PM
You had a little pink guy who could suck up his enemies and blow them back out to kill others.

Leeman! That's a brilliant idea for a JK TC!

C'mon, people, get on it! http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/biggrin.gif

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Jedi Master Xai-Qui
02-26-2000, 11:38 AM
Okay then, I will!

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