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04-30-2002, 02:30 AM
Ok many people think they know what this means but I don’t think many people do J
Here’s the thing. There is supposed to be this prophecy of the one who will return BALANCE to the force. Qui-con thinks it is Anakin because he has a very high (maybe the HIGHEST EVER!) midicholrian count and they conceived him as well (AKA his slave mother either forgot about that time she got really drunk in that ally or she was to embarrassed to tell about it J). This is very convincing on a raw data/scientific perspective BUT….
Could balance mean an equal partnership of both light and dark side? If so, at this point wasn’t the light force at a very high point if not its peak? I realize they did find a Sith person and knew there was probably just 1 other (after they killed Maul so that just leaves 1!!!) hence The Phantom Menace. So in this scenario why would Qui-con and anyone else want the Boy trained if the light side is dominant and balance would lead to an inevitable huge growth of the dark side?
Or does balance to the force mean all light side (doesn’t seem very balanced to me J)?
Ok, so I am very certain that “officially” (meaning only in the movies is my definition) Luke is really the chosen one. This still doesn’t shed that much light (excuse the pun); however because Luke is mostly responsible for killing Darth Vader and the Emperor. Which means that the Sith are extinct AGAIN because there can only be 2 (once again I think the official story line really does follow this rule more or less J). So if Luke really was the chosen one that would lead me to entertain the idea that balance to the force IS totally 1 sided. The empire hardly IS the dark side, but merely clouded/controlled by them seeing as the empire was lead by the emperor. Furthermore since Vader was also killed and the Empire suffered a huge blow in return of the Jedi there really can’t be any dark side left (at this point) because there isn’t even a dark lord to control a battered Empire. If balance really does mean all light force, then why would anyone be eager to train Anakin if everything with the light force is CURRENTLY ok except for the minor incursions of Darth Maul and a “mysterious other J”???

PLEASE TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW!!!! And try to leave out the kooky crap in Star Wars books with the exception of official Phantom Menace…episode 4,5, 6 books plus any further stuff that you think supplements (not necessarily what adds to) the movies. THANKS!

04-30-2002, 08:53 AM
From what I got from episode 1, the future is uncertain, but Anakin could be very dangerous, that is what I think yoda was meaning, yes you could be right that it is equal parts dark and light, but on the other hand it could be that a very powerful jedi could bring balance to the power strugles ongoing within the force.

04-30-2002, 12:28 PM
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