View Full Version : Garbage land ??

04-30-2002, 06:27 AM

i am stuck in garbage land.... i can't find the spot so i can jump up on lvl above me....plz help me and another ? is the picture i have enclosed......the garbage cand what to do with it ??

plz help me getting further in the nice game...



04-30-2002, 12:23 PM
You can't get up to the 2nd level from where you are.

You can't do anything with that garbage can, either.

You need to find another way....where else have you been so far?

From where you are, turn left, and head to the end of the room.
Turn right, and you'll see an enclosed control room and some boxes. To the right of that will be a door with a white light. In there, in the back corner, is a corridor with another garbage cart.

It is blocked by another cart on the other side.

Go back into the garbage smasher room and find the garbage smasher with no cart under it. Jump up, and in, and move on to the bottomless room with the crates. From there, you have to cross over, go around, and DOWN the ramp, and pull on the other garbage cart. Then backtrack all the way and PUSH the first garbage cart (the one in the back corridor that you couldn't push before) to reveal a small corridor...then you can continue from there.