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04-30-2002, 08:48 PM
Hi all,

Yesterday whilst playing a Free For All on the map Death Star I was sitting in the main hanger place with the force-fielded exit into space and I was thinking wouldn't it be nice if you could open it?

Infact why aren't any of the multiplayer levels interactive?

How about just for arguments sake:

The ability to open the force field in the death star hanger, sucking anyone in it into space

A garbish crusher in the garbage facility

Some sort of interaction on the stay destroyer bridge... the ability to turn some turrets onto your side perhaps, or if that doesn't work the ability to power up the turrets which shoot at targets indescriminantely.

OOOOH YEAH - A working carbon freezer in the bespin carbon chamber duel level

Perhaps one of those sit on turrets... dunno what level.... the imperial fort one maybe... i forget what its called.

The ability to use the AT-ST in garbage facility!

As well as this I have a few suggestions for a few new game types:

One similar to jedi master, except everone has lightsabers but the (for the sake of example we'll call him 'Dark Lord') gets his powers maxed out AND a DUAL LIGHTSABER - the power then transfers to whoever kills him

And how about a game type where someon gets an AT-ST and the others must defeat it?

Also a game type similar to Assautl mode in Unreal Tournament where one team must capture a specific zone of fufil certain objectives within a time limit and then the teams swap over as defender/attacker. A modifier star destroyer level'd be good for this, as would a heavily modified death star (ie disable the laser and capture the throne room etc).

Oh yeah, and MORE LEVELS! :)

Anyway I'm probably talking rubbish :P Oh and I'm not criticising the game - its like THE best EVER but I'm simply suggesting things to make it better.

Later all,