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02-21-2000, 10:32 PM
boiler room

i'd summarize it as an excellent fusion of unique score and impressive acting, all watched over by the heavy, dark gaze of the dollar. giovanni ribisi was utterly convincing as seth davis, a money-hungry dropout, who decides to go one step further than his less than law-abiding makeshift casino when greg (nicky katt) and *some other guy* come in to recruit him for a long island brokerage firm that promises the easy road to success and his first million within three years. damn, i'd take it.
personally, i think that's all you people deserve to know about the plot. i will, as well, leave you to your amazement at the casting and the great acting that wouldn't have been without the former (i.e. the always enjoyable vin diesel (to be honest, i never knew he existed until i saw this) and the too-real-for-the-silver-screen nia long, as for so much).
on another note, you'll notice some moments in the film deliver the same on-the-edge, molar grinding tension that should grant the insider an award for cinematography. another similarity: undeniably populous profanity.
but the real treat in this film is the score. with the breakbeat hip-hop shot to you from the angel, you'd mistake the screening for a rave. especially convincing, noting the mention of "nose candy" in a scene meddling (assumingly) around the second page of the script. honestly, can you blame me for not knowing about raves? blimey, i'm only 5'4!
and that's my rating for the day: 5.4

out of 5. go ahead, give your seat some sun.
just for the record, i do not work for new line.

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02-23-2000, 11:53 PM
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