View Full Version : Suggestions to make the JK2 better

05-01-2002, 03:31 PM
HI @ all :)

I am playing Jk2 for 3 weeks and have 55 1 on 1 league matches. In this time I thought many times about Jk2 and how it can be made better. And that will I tell you now:

1. The few bugs must be patched ! I know 2 , which are very worse:
- If you push somebody, he can sometimes not walk after getting up, for a few seconds.
- Sometimes I ran in a finish move ( red special) and die, although the sabre is in the ground, especially if the enemy jump towards me.

2. The game needs more special movements, the 2-3 are not enough for me ! :) Especially some to defend, so you need more skills and the game will be more as only red special jumping.

That was it, itís not much because I canít formulate all of my ideas :P