View Full Version : Journey into the Dark

05-01-2002, 06:03 PM
Journey into the Dark is a Mod which was actually planned for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but Jedi Knight 2 has an better basis for our project.
Here is a little summary of our Concept:
- Coopmod based on JK2
- Takes place in a fantasyworld
- 5 different characterclasses (e.g. warrior, archer,...)
- Max. 9 players
- Every class has individual skills and equipment
- Request of a good teamplay
- More than 16 maps
- Many quests,traps and other barriers which have to overcome
- More than 15 different kinds of enemys(e.g. Giant spiders, werwolves,

Our team consists of 15 members already, but we need urgently some 3d artists , animators and 2d artist who could arranged the menu surface. If you think you can fill in any of the team positions please contact me at this address: jackneil@gmx.de

Cu JackNeil