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05-01-2002, 11:43 PM
I haven't been on this forums for long (in fact this is my first post), so don't get mad if this is on the wrong forum. I haven't seen many people talking about mod ideas though, so I decided to share some of my own.

My first idea is a "jedi-knights vs bounty-hunters" mod. I kinda got the idea from the commercials for episode II where Jango is smacking around obi-wan. Players would be divided into two team, jedi and bounty hunters. The jedi would pretty much be how they are now. The bounty hunters would have technology to make up for thier lack of force powers.

For example, their version of force seeing would be a targeting system. It wouldn't be as accurate as seeing, you'd only seen a reticule over players. Instead of force jump, bounty hunters would get a jetpack and a graplling hook.

But the hunters won't get any other equivilents for force powers. Instead, they would have to rely on thier weapons, and they would have alot of them. Different weapons would be used kinda like how the force is used: through hotkeys. One button would be flame thrower, the other mini-rockets and so on.

My other idea is a mod that is nothing but melee combat and wouldn't be involved with star wars at all. It would be a soul-calibur type fighter. the force is ditched, and lightsabers are replaced with weapons from that era, like katanas ,broadswords, staffs and such.

Levels would be really simple small arenas. Switching saber styles would switch fighting style instead, from projectile attacks (throwing ninja stars and stuff), to slashes and finally kicks. You pick your weapon at the beginning and your fighting style and special attacks are dependant on what weapon you chose, as well as character statistics: a character with a large axe won't move as fast as someone with a pair of daggers.

My final idea is a simple one: a star wars weapon mod. Just make as many weapons from the star wars universe as possible, remove the force and replace it with quick dodges and maybe dives and rolls. Maybe even the ability to go akimbo with some weapons. Heh, kinda sounds like I'm asking for action starwars here.