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03-16-2000, 05:16 PM
Everyone hear about this? Here's the link: http://www.avault.com/news/displaynews.asp?story=3162000-8578

This could be really cool. I wonder how much it will cost? I've never had much interest in paying a monthly fee for a game, for for Star Wars I might be willing, depending on how the gameplay is implemented. Anyway, this game has great potential as I've fantasized about just such a thing many, many times.

So, what does everyone else think?

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03-16-2000, 11:54 PM
iv never played a game like this one, but if its well done it will be great, to get in the SW universe
What i think that would be incredible (but i doubt it will happen) that a game like this could link yo to other games, ie you wanna fight with someone you play jedi knight(or OB1), or some space missions with XWA, get officer jobs for FoCom, all this in a really big SW universe

03-17-2000, 02:41 AM
Looks like some dreams are coming to light at last. My only beef is having to pay a monthly fee to enjoy the game, that's a bother (cha-ching for George!).

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03-17-2000, 04:56 AM
It will probably be great.

Too bad I don't have the connection or the time to get engaged in such thing. Unless of course the situation changes somehow by the time it is released. http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif

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03-17-2000, 11:46 AM
Great potential, lets hope they don't blow it. I have never paid a monthly fee for a game, but this one.... I might just hae to http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif unless of cource its really terrible, which is doubtful. 1-1.5 yrs and counting http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif