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Dr. Outcast
05-02-2002, 03:49 PM
ok, i've tried about everything, since no one replied to my earlier post involving the emperor skin......attempt number two:
i downloaded a sandtrooper skin, and i've put in the base dir, in game only kyle is seen (even when non pure server).
Tried adding it to the assets0.pk3 and modified the bots.txt (and put it in the according dirs), same result....only kyle to be seen.
Then i opened the .skin files and saw that it was all directed to .tga files, and since they all were .jpg's, i changed all .tga to .jpg...........result??? only kyle......
The icon image from the sandtrooper i can see when selecting a player, but ingame its..........kyle.
Any ideas how to work this sandtrooper skin?
thnx in advance