View Full Version : Working on a new handle but need some help

Tim Spork
05-02-2002, 07:26 PM
Ok I got bored at school during CAD class and started making a new lightsaber handle in their copy of 3D Studio Viz. I though it was looking pretty cool so I copied it and brought it home to my LEGAL copy of 3D Studio Max. I've finished the model and I was woundering if any of you could help me with getting it in game and working correctly with a good skin. Or if I can just give the model to someone and let a professional do it.

I'd show you a picture but it won't let me attach one. I've made it so you can see the crystal that is generating the blade and surrounded it with a kind of cage to support the emitter thing where the blade comes out.

Any help wounld be much appretiated.