View Full Version : Saving Bot Routes

05-02-2002, 09:55 PM
I read that article that was posted in the news section about how to add bot routes to maps. For some reason, I can't save the routes.

This is what I'm doing. Tell me what's wrong please.

shift + ~
Then I type in the console:
set bot_wp_edit +devmap duel_pavillion

devmap duel_pavillion

Once the map loads:
shift + ~

I repeat that till I have the waypoints I want. Then I try to type in "bot_wp_save" and instead of saving it, it types out "bot_wp_save" as if it were a multiplayer message I yelled out on a server.

I can see my waypoints fine, so that command works and apparently I'm entering the route editing mode fine since that command works, but it won't save.

Can anyone help me?

Thank u