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05-03-2002, 10:18 AM
Ok I added a MP Maul model to spawn in SP. It looks like this in the npcs.cfg

playerModel ulthood
rank commander
saberColor red
reactions 5
aim 5
move 5
aggression 5
evasion 5
intelligence 5
hfov 160
vfov 160
playerTeam enemy
enemyTeam player
// race human
class tavion
snd kyle
sndcombat kyle
sndjedi kyle
yawSpeed 120
walkSpeed 55
runSpeed 200
health 300
dismemberProbHead 10
dismemberProbArms 35
dismemberProbLegs 10
dismemberProbHands 50
dismemberProbWaist 10

Now I can spawn maul in SP with the "npc spawn maul" command, but the problem is that he has a gun stuck in his groin not in his hands and I wanted a lightsaber!

So I thought what if I just changed tavion's player model to maul's one and yep he has a saber alright but it's stuck in his body while it's ignited!

Maul swings ok but he swings with empty hands his saber is stuck in him! So could anyone please help me and tell me how to let maul use a lightsaber in his hands and not in his groin or in his body?

If ya want i'll post some pic's, it looks kind of funny!

05-03-2002, 10:46 AM
yeah altering the jedi npc's models or adding new ones in npcs.cfg does wierd stuff to their nether-regions

i would just replace tavions entry with mauls (still keep it called tavion at the top though)

but that means u couldnt use them bith at the same time

maybe replace one of the crap reborn with maul then it wouldnt matter much