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06-25-2001, 08:28 PM
After wasting $10 on a copy of the Win95/98 edition of Dark Forces (yes, I finally found it, sitting on a self at Hastings), I finally got it running, perfectly, under Win98SE (a problem I'd been struggling with for it seems like forever).

All I needed to do to get it working was to follow some of the advice given at Yoda's Help Desk (it is mentioned in the readme as a solution to a problem with jedi.cfg).

Just go into a DOS box, switch to the directory of the Dark Forces CD (this works with the DOS CD or the Win9X CD) and type:

Install -X#
(Where # is the letter of the CDROM Drive that the DF disc is in).

The installation utility installs the game and it seems you have to setup everything (your keys, etc) perfectly the FIRST time, otherwise you have to reinstall (because the exe files crash in windows for me, so I can't setup once installed) to change something. I just auto-detected all the sound-stuff and it worked perfectly (I have a Soundblaster Live! with SB emulation).

Once installed, I didn't need the CD anymore to play the game, although to use the frontend, you seem to need the disc in.

The frontend for DF95 only "works" if you have installed Dark Forces into C:\Dark\
All it lets you do is launch the game or view the readme files, nothing extra or new or special.

Oddly enough, the CDROM label itself (on the physical media) says "Includes Jedi Knight(tm) Special Edition: 3 Playable Levels" yet all I found on the disc were the same demos that were included on the original DOS DF disc: Full Throttle and Dark Forces (yes, that's right, you get the demo version on the same disc as the full version).

All that is different is the frontend and the readme files about how to use it. So definately not worth it if you already bought the full game (Dos version).


06-25-2001, 08:33 PM
i did it the easy way and bought the playstation version. :D

06-25-2001, 08:49 PM
Heh. I'd like to check out the Mac version sometime. I hear you can set a can use multiple resolutions. (crowd: oooooh! aaaahhh!)

Now if only Mattias Welander would come back from the dead and release Cybercraft Dark3D.
; )