View Full Version : What is the Future of PC Gamming?

05-03-2002, 07:52 PM
I'd like to hear opinions on the future of PC gaming.

Personally, I believe that if a person wants to play a "Game" in all it's purity, get a console and play the game.

If you are creative or need variety, go PC!

There is little mystery why game developers like Blizzard and games like Quake and Half Life (to name a very few) have lasted past the 6 month, make or break point for PC games. They are moddable, or at the very least map editors are included with the game.
Customer pariticipation in the success of any game is key! If the developers and distributors encourage editing, map making and modding, the game will last longer on the retail shelves. There have been several games I have purchased because the mods I found on the Web intrigued me.

Others I have bought because I enjoyed the demo, then the game and then reinstalled it after discovering a brilliant modification or map to play.

Let the consoles have their sunshine, PC games are what I spend my money on and Fan Mods are like Ice Cream for my cake.:D

05-03-2002, 09:49 PM
I tend to feel that alot of the future lies in MMO gaming. If they can strike a good balance between gameplay, and solo and grouped play, then i think that those types of games wil draw the largest crowd. Now that most internet connections can handle heavy online play, i think thats where most games will be directed.


05-04-2002, 04:16 AM
Yeah, that too, is highly likely...

05-04-2002, 04:47 AM
I also agree that PC gaming gets my first and foremost support. I own an X-Box, but thats more for group-play. I wouldnt buy a game like Madden 2002 for the PC...id get it on a console. But nearly everything else I buy on PC and i think consoles are all fine and dandy gaming subsitutes for the rednecks and white trash that arent bright enough to use a computer, but i doubt they'll every be able to hold a candle to the flexibility of the PC. I doubt we'll see MMO gaming blow up on a console any time soon ;)


05-04-2002, 02:21 PM
SOME game genre's work far better with the controls/setting of a console. Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat/Tekken being an example, that genre out and out sucks with a computer, I'm sure it's much better if you actually use game pads for it, but it still sucks on a computer. real life sports games are more fitting for a console setting and controls,

but there are other genres that are CRAP on a console, FPS's being about the most obvious. along with RTS's.

Final Fantasy series proves RPG's can be done in a way people like, on a console, but I think the genre is predominantly better on the pc platform,

personally, I don't play consoles, single player games for console games generally make me feel like I'm watching a bad tv show, and if I wanted to be watching tv, I'd be watching tv, not trying to play a game. and for the multiplayer aspect,... if you don't have the right number of people for a certain game present, that want to play THAT game, then it basically sucks. too few people, and the game isn't as good, too many people, or people who don't want to play that game, then its boring for them and you gotta cut you fun short so they can play their game... just don't work for me.

I think PC Games have the potential, do to the more sophisticated level of hardware, to be much more complex, and in depth.

I think FPS's will still be around for a long time, btu I also think that MMO gaming is going to be a big thing too, and I think it's not unrealistic to expect a "game" out within 10 years that people can, and will be able to make a living from, people buy EQ items with real money, and it's a relatively crappy game. (addictive as it may be) if there comes out an actually GOOD game, with reliable online play... you can garantee people will be willing to put money into it.