View Full Version : List of Wants - Anyone Agree? Anyone wanna do it for me?

05-04-2002, 03:26 AM
First of all, props too the community, im just some loser who wandered onto the boards but thanks to the real posters. :)

Now, my list of wants.

Lightsaber Autoaim - I find than in slow mo I miss the person my like a foot when im running, it takes a lot away from the feeling of a jedi when im running trying to hit 5 lined up storm troopers and the screwy perspective screws me over and I miss.

I propose you dont have to wait for the end of a swing to start another, this would make it more like the movies, where they run in and run by as they murder 10 guys. I feel dumb missing them and its lessens the impact of the game.

***Note*** I'm not asking it auto hits them for you im requesting the ability to have faster swings or be able to start a new swing mid swing.

Lightsaber Autodeath - Alrite, theres no way a beam of light going into a guy doesnt kill him. Make it so it kills anyone I hit while not screwing me over with 3 rebord (1 hit kill vs a rebord? when theres three of them? ****) I think it would be best if the reborn were just not as fast and didnt use force powers as well as us. (I mean the only advantage we have over them is the speed thing and our capacity to think)

More Force Powers -

Heal Others
Useful Choke (like maybe it pushes a the group except for 2, who it kills within 2 seconds)
Pulls Guy STRAIGHT onto Saber

Maps - I don't really like fighting troopers with anything other than blaster or rocket launchers(they have blaster i have saber) because I, as stated above, love that feeling of supreme jedi master. I think running into a slow mo room and chopping them down is fun, I don't think being pelted from behind as a med swing hits is fun. I like pushing the rockets back at them and blowing up 5 of them while slicing some guy down, it makes you feel like all that.

I'm basically asking for a large, doomgiver aray type map where you kill lots of guys.

Maps - Something like ladder except more open, the guys attacking one at a time, and 2-3 jedis helping. (4 jedis defend 5-6 attack) and where you control when they come and where theres pickups and ****.

I'll probably add more later, but do you guys think this would add too the game? Like the ideas? Btw, I beat it without cheating :] Also, notice in the details of what I say, because someoe might say "WTF DUMBASS NOOB U CAN HEAL R U DUMB?) (These are all singleplayer)

Thanks again all! Now to patiantley wait the first flame :]