View Full Version : Official Beta Signup!!!

05-04-2002, 02:57 PM
The official signup for Star Wars Galaxies has begun. See our main page for details. www.swgalaxies.net

Wraith 8
05-06-2002, 05:45 AM
well im busy signing up right now... i was gonna ask when the beta sign up was cuase of an e-mail i got... but.... never mind :D

Wraith 8
05-06-2002, 10:34 AM
wooohoooo im signed up.... now everybody cross your fingers and hope i will get in :D :D :D

Arallu Bokatur
05-22-2002, 12:21 AM
Good luck all in joining the beta I hope we get in.

Arallu Bokatur,
Explorer Extraordinaire

05-22-2002, 01:14 AM
I read that anyone that signs up will have a chance in some form or another to be a beta tester...just a select few will be in the first ones.

05-22-2002, 02:48 AM
Thats right. The first couple of betas will be mainly internal with a few external testers selected as well. We should all get a look see at some stage. Looking forward to seeing you all in game some time soon. (7 months until full release :eek:).

D@rth M@ul
06-13-2002, 12:17 AM
Im signing up now. Good luck all

06-16-2002, 09:39 PM
yeah, I signed up, unfortunately I NEVER got picked for ANY beta test of ANY game so far :(

I wish they looked at gaming experience and your knowledge about computers.. that way you can REALLY help the team...

That prevents stupid bug reports like "Uh, how come dual sabres arent working, they go trough your body, I even tried pressing alt+f4 five times like kwakkie said but that only crashed my comp"


06-17-2002, 12:02 AM
Yep, I signed up, like I did for C&C renegade, JKO and more before that, still haven't been selected for even one yet :mad:

Let's hope that this is the one! Good Luck to all...

06-17-2002, 06:00 AM
Betatesting can be quite awful at times. Actually, of all the game's I have betatested, I've never started playing it after retail. That's the dangerous thing: being involved in the early betatesting can engrave an impression of the game being broken, boring and brutally ugly. This can take MONTHS to erase.

On the good side, though, you'll be playing the game weeks or even months before everyone else ;)

Lord Helmet
06-17-2002, 07:06 AM
well im gonna write to the devs saying i never got a birthday present and get a sympathy present as being a beta tester....ingenius

Sounds Risky
06-24-2002, 01:22 PM
I signed up way back when it was first announced. Here's hoping.

06-24-2002, 02:22 PM
I got to beta test UO from fairly early on and must say I have a different opinion. It was great, the most fun I had in UO was before it went retail. All sorts of crazy stuff happened. After it went retail it just slid downhill faster and faster until it became unplayable.

I also beta tested Jumpgate but it was crap from day one.