View Full Version : My Multiplayer models wont show up

05-04-2002, 05:09 PM
ok I downloaded some skins from a site but them in the base folder and they wont show up in game and I cant even select them and my ligthsabre skins and colors wont work any help would be appreciated

Dr. Outcast
05-05-2002, 10:22 AM
got same probs, they wont show when the servers are set to pure server, or thats what few ppl say, i tried creating a game and with pure server off, still wont work
also tried to put it in the assets0.pk3 file, again with no luck at all
I'm beginning to think that jedi knight2 cant load other skins than the ones already in it....howcome this is so difficult, with other games u just put them in a folder and it works from the first time

.....but for your question, i have no answer, so sorry for the nagging , lol, just to let u know u aint the only one

-=[CMBF]=- KaiN
05-05-2002, 05:40 PM
I am also so havingthis problem. i just cant feel the force enough to work it out either.
Please Help

Caster Troy
05-05-2002, 10:48 PM
Downloaded skins work for me just fine. However, I can't get my custom made skins to work!

05-05-2002, 11:21 PM
I only seem to be able to get them to work when I make my own server, but that just sucks :(

05-05-2002, 11:22 PM
Two things to keep in mind: In Multiplayer, if the server is set to Pure (And most are), it will not give you the option to use your skin. It will show the standard multiplayer skins on the player setup screen.

As for custom skins and downloaded skins, make sure they are in pk3 files. The pk3 files also have to have the proper directory structure (/models/player/Name). What this means is you have to create a directory named Models, then create a directory named Player, then put your skin directory in there. Then zip the models folder and rename the .zip file to .pk3

Hope this helps! I'm new to skinning myself, but these are some things that I know can cause the problems described in this thread.


Duran Vega
05-06-2002, 02:15 AM
Here's the deal.
1) make sure you unzipped the files and placed the .pk3 file into your Gamedata/Base directory. I know this sounds completely elementry, but you would be surprised and the great majority of people that don't know they have to do that.

2) it's totally probable that for any number of reasons that there might be some kind of conflict with another mod that you might already have running.

3) As far as getting you're own models to appear
A) never modify anyones skin you've downloaded. You do the Artist a great injustice by doing that.
b) goto http://www.massassi.net click on their tutorials section and look at the "custom Skinning article" written by our good friend Michael Chang Gummelt.

Dr. Outcast
05-06-2002, 07:08 AM
ok, i tried all u guys said.... but it wont work, i only get to see kyle katarn, even when i create my own server (no pure server)

05-06-2002, 04:17 PM
It may be the way that you zip it up.

When you zip up the files, you *HAVE* to zip them up by selecting the "models" directory (SINGLE click) and click on "Add with Wildcards". If you don't add with wild cards it won't work!

I also noticed this...

The first time that I ever ran my own server with my own created skin, I selected my icon, but when I started the game, my skin was NOT the one that I selected/created.

I quit the entire game completely and tried again. This time it worked. Apparently after this first time, any new additional skins will appear and work fine the first time. I repeated this same behavior on someone else's sever.

Hope this helps!


05-09-2002, 06:33 PM
I've run into a bit different of a problem. I d/l'd an Anakin ep2 skin to check out, which showed up properly to select & looks great when I'm playing as him. My problem is, when I spawn in a bot, the skin reverts to the default (Kyle, I think), even if I'm playing as Anakin at the time (so I know it can find it...)

Any clues as to what may be going wrong here?