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05-04-2002, 05:38 PM
sumone send it 2 my email address & ill be gr8ful and try 2 help u out with ur problems

05-05-2002, 12:46 AM
I found a gorgeous boba fett skin (by Thomas "SchwimmelPuckel" Sorenson) on a Quake 3 skins site. Any clues as to how to convert it to work under JK2?

I've worked out how to make bot & personality, but the skin itself does not work.

I can email to you if you'd like to take a look (already lost the link I downloaded from, sorry)

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated...

05-05-2002, 12:49 AM
i hate to say this, but you people really need to check the other threads and topics, there's been a boba fett model in development for like a month now...

http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=43545 :fett:

05-05-2002, 01:07 AM
Okay, so I hadn't read that far yet...but thanks for the link to it.

05-05-2002, 03:59 AM
yeah we'll soo have a Boba Fett model AND skin to quench everyone's mandalorian thirst. its not as easy as it sounds, so try to be patient and bear with us.


Evan Nash
05-05-2002, 07:34 AM
Looks good guys.

Don't rush the skins. Make as much time as you need.

05-05-2002, 08:35 AM
Originally posted by Evan Nash

Don't rush the skins. Make as much time as you need.

he's right if you rush it'll suck and it is boba fett so we will wait

you could make a jango skin to go with it

05-06-2002, 12:35 PM
If there is a Mandalorian model in developmnet it would be nice to see Boba and Jango, as well as some custom Mandalore skins for team games etc.

05-06-2002, 08:46 PM
Hey you guys are making a boba fett skin right well why don't yoiu try making the second best bounty hunter in the galaxy IG88

05-06-2002, 09:02 PM
I someone could e-mail me the fett skin when it's done and what website it's on i would be so gr8tful.

05-06-2002, 11:07 PM
can't wait.....

haha headhunter, AOL? c'mon bro;)

05-08-2002, 04:27 PM
email the skin 2 me as well, independent26gem@aol.com

05-09-2002, 12:38 AM
i hate to burst your bubble, but we're not going to be hand emailing this model out to each and every person that requests it =P we'll have it posted at numerous jk2 sites, so just keep your eye on the front page..


(IK) Lucifer
05-09-2002, 04:53 AM
Im doing a Boba skin on the stormtrooper model for now to bide the time. Im using actual pics of Boba to make it with, so it looks nice. Here is a pic of a Jango I downloaded and suped up. I cant distribute it yet because it has some files left I havent touched, and the person who made it said not to distribute it, and I havent contacted him yet, but hey.. heres a kind of blurry screen.


05-12-2002, 12:53 AM