View Full Version : Spiderman Movie

05-04-2002, 09:10 PM
Oh my god.....Have any of you seen this movie yet? It was so incredibly amazing. I mean, it was perfect everything....i used to be skeptical about tobey macguire, but he was perfect.....everything in that movie was amazing, the acting was even good. what do you all think?

05-05-2002, 03:50 AM
I'm supposed to see it with Morat20 tomorrow. I'll get back to you then.

05-07-2002, 12:04 AM
It was pretty good. I don't think it was the greatest movie of all time, but it was definately enjoyable.

05-08-2002, 11:10 AM
well no, it wasn't the best movie of all time, but it was damn good. the hulk preview was pretty sweet too.