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05-05-2002, 12:29 AM
just some good ideas for u people to make into mods.

1) Climb the tower:
a level with a huge tower a set amount of people must jump, climb and survive, first one to reach the top and grab the flag wins. Great for executing arial moves and combat.

2) Save the City:
One team trives at/at's ( or whatever the ones are that appear in the game) while another team(rebels?) try to stop them from breaking the barrier and destroying the settlement.2-3 different types of characters to be from. Drivers, gunners, and land troops.
Great for team based play, u can drive something!
may take away from usage of lightsabers though.

3)Survive the pit:
( i remember this from one of the starwars movie, where the chick was about to be pushed into a sand pit with a worm or something) Players are dropped into a pit that is sinking, they must jump, dodge and evade over obstacles that are heading towards the sinking point, players get a set amount of lives, whoever survives the pit and the other players wins the round.

4) Build the Bot:
every player holds a piece to a robot that the other team is tring to build. players try to kill each other and pick up the dropped pieces and bring it back to their machine bay, the amount of pieces needed to build the bot can be determined by the server host, and how many pieces a player can recieve until he becomes a spectator ( like i could die 4 times and drop 4 different pieces, but when i died that fifth time, i drop nothing and become a spectator)

5) defend the base:
pretty much self explanitory, a good way to create team based play, and player cooperation.

6) Dog fight:
2 teams, 2 space ships speeding high above a planet and an even faster rate. Just as if each crafts weapons have been disabled, so the crew must fight man to alien leaping from ship to ship, a cool scenario with a cool enviroment, u fall off, a pretty dramatic death. of course the ships would be bigger than a tie fighter, but maybe smaller than a star destroyer.

7) Qauntum break down:
pretty much ffa or whichever, but this time the qauntum excelerator has broken down, creating a drag in space and time, making time slow down considereably, good thing players have the force on their side...
( i rember the matrix mod for UT, it was awesome, im not expecting much from the Q3 engine, but ill be hopeful :)

ive never made a mod or map or anything, but since a lot of people are skilled like that, feel free to use these ideas ( if u think they are worthy and not already in production, just mention me if u ever make one :)

05-05-2002, 02:52 PM
Umm... just a tip but I think this post belongs in the general editing forum, so maybe you can start up a mod team there or give people inspiration by posting it there. It doesn't really have to do with Beta Testing , or maybe i'm wrong and you already made the mods?

Then it belongs here and then you make me and a lot of people happy because those ideas are pretty good! :D

05-05-2002, 06:28 PM
Originally posted by TuSKeN_RaiDeR
or maybe i'm wrong and you already made the mods?

no your not... oh sarcasm. um yes