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05-05-2002, 01:41 AM
ok, ive made this monster map id like to submit to the jk2net site. i used the JKRadiant thing and its saved as a .map. ive looked all over and noone seems to have detailed (if at all good) tutorials on how to get to the finalized .pk3 file. would someone please list out a set of steps that will lead me from what i have (the raw .map file) to the .pk3 file. i understand that to get the pk3 file i have to rename a zip, but tell me everything else.

ive looked in other .pk3 files to see what i need, and there is a .script, .bsp (presumably the map?) and some other stuff. help in getting these files is also a given.

thanks in advance.


05-05-2002, 04:38 AM
a .map file is only the editor's version of the map. It needs to be compiled (in radiant go to "BSP" in the top menu and choose fullvis(extra)). This should produce a .bsp file the same name as your .map file. If it doesn't your map has errors, most likely leaks, and there will be a red line in radiant (i think, i havn't built a leaky map in jk2radiant yet :D) pointing to where the leak is. You'll need to read up on leaks and stuff cause i havn't got time :P

basically a pk3 is a zip

inside are a heap of files, some of them textures (.jpg or .tga) some are sounds and some are maps (.bsp)

Each type of file belongs in it's own directory, and these directories are all stored inside the zip.

A map file, which has the extension .bsp, must be inside the "maps" directory inside your zip. To do this, create a new directory on your c:\ drive called "maps". It must be like this: "c:\maps", NOT "c:\temp\maps". Copy the .bsp file from your jedi maps directory into this new one. Run winzip, and choose add file. Somewhere (bottom left I think) it'll say "Save directory Info" or "Save Path Info", make sure you have this checked. Ok, add the .bsp. Close the file. Put it in your jedi\GameData\base directory. Rename it to <mymap>.pk3

You don't have to go through all this to play it. Just to release it. You'll also need to add textures and such with their paths stored in the same pk3.

05-05-2002, 08:53 PM
when i go to make the .bsp file, i get a .bak file. now im assuming that there is nothing wrong with the file because it did made a file. but i could be wrong. should i get the q3radiant and do it in that? im working in the jkradiant.


King Andy
05-05-2002, 10:18 PM
The bak file can be ignored.

Making a BSP file may take quite a while. Up to ten minutes depending on your computer and the complexity of the map. There is no progress bar so you must be patient.

Some first timers immediately close the black dos-like compiler window that shows up. This is a mistake. It will close on it's own when it's done.

Hope this helps.