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Boba Fat
08-23-2001, 07:55 AM
What is it with you? Are you a jerk to all people or do you single me out? Why are you always on me? Just lay off! :mad: In almost every post you have said mean or bad things to or about me! Just stop it now! :mad:

Boba Fat

08-24-2001, 01:22 AM
He hasn't singled you out, just ignore him.

I know. :rolleyes:

08-24-2001, 02:12 AM
i think he has deep psycological problems...it is best to ignore him.

08-24-2001, 03:40 AM
Gee, a topic just for me, I am flattered.

It was never personal in the first place. the facts are simple:

You have continuously double posted, despite repeated requests to stop. Lame excuses about 'computer problems' are meaningless. Just stop, and if it is truly a computer problem, then delete the extra posts. Simple.

As for your writing, it does need work. Alot. Don't post it if you don't want anyone's opinion, least of all mine. I do write some, and watched my english teacher tear it apart. All it did was improve my writing. Very few people are going to read a badly written story. If you want help, just ask. I can be hard, but will point out the right way to go.

If you have any other concerns, just let me know.

08-24-2001, 03:44 AM
Yak Yak Yak Yak

"Oh ***** , ***** , ***** " - Aperham Simpson

lol no one cares

Boba Fat
08-24-2001, 05:07 AM
I never asked for your opinion! If I want something I will ask for it! :mad: I dont deliberatly double post but if you have a problem with how I write or post then don't read it! It's simple. :mad:

Boba Fat

08-24-2001, 10:47 AM
GUYS! Okay look, #1: Oni, I've been writing for....well about forever now. And I've seen two way of giving your opinion on a book. One: you can give them the Imperial Interrigation(usually they get pretty darn depressed and figure they shouldn't write anymore. Unless of course you're me and you don't care if someone tell you your book is crap and ought to be thrown into a black hole.) and Two: you can still give your opinion throughly yet not so....dang harsh.

#2: Fat, there's two ways of taking opinion. Using give opinions above I'm going guess that you're smart enough to take those and switch them to taking opinions, by yourself.
So, in conclusion...grow up you two!

The same goes for anything in life!

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08-24-2001, 01:14 PM
how pathetic of....all of you. for whatever you all did. pathetic book, pathetic opinion, pathetic lecture.

08-24-2001, 01:32 PM
Fat, I have nothing to say about your writing (except stick to it).

On another note: you do double post. You start a topic then answer yourself 3 minutes later that's annoying. I was one of the people who witnessed this and asked you to shop. But you've gotten better lately. So I have nothing bad to say about you.

On personal note: scissors

08-24-2001, 01:36 PM
pathetic you, R15! I'm still mad at you, anyway.

08-24-2001, 02:05 PM
Wow... it's more like a soap opera here than a message board ;)

08-24-2001, 03:07 PM
What did I do to deserve your anger?

08-24-2001, 03:09 PM
you are mean to poor newbies...besides...I'm a cynical woman, I can be mad at you.

08-24-2001, 03:20 PM

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Uutont Fær Uulion
08-24-2001, 04:35 PM
speaking of soap operas this one is great

08-24-2001, 06:43 PM
it is rather...*clears throat* dramatic. But heck! Since when I have ever like the dramatic? Okay enough! Let's get some action going here. And please, I'm not talking about fist fights! :::Character enters:::"Oh Mister! I have always loved you! And I always will!" :::character that the other character is talking to frowns::: "Well Missy, fine, I hate you." *brings out big gun* *loud noise is heard* "so much for romance." :::::Character exits.:::: This has been a excerpt from the soap opera of life. enjoy! :rolleyes:

08-24-2001, 07:22 PM
Dude ;)

08-24-2001, 08:28 PM
When does this aire? ;)

08-24-2001, 08:36 PM
where ever and whenever you live! :D

08-24-2001, 11:43 PM
Can I be the clone of the evil twin that was secretly murdered then became the love child of the doctor and the alien that beamed in from Nova Centuri? :D

08-25-2001, 01:47 AM
Like I said, dude. :D ;)