View Full Version : small radiant fix

05-05-2002, 04:56 AM
If you've been having trouble getting md3 map models to show up in radiant I think I have found the problem. Apologies if this has come up before but I spent so long trying to figure out wtf it wasn't working :( Basically in the project settings where it has the paths to all the different file types, make sure there's no double \\, only single \

models show up :D

On a side not, I've been using q3data convert these models from .ase files exported from 3dsmax3, but to get the texture names in there I've had to hex edit (:/) the files, because otherwise the texture info would say "(not converted) models\blah..." instead of what it should "models\blah..\texture.tga". I've never used this stuff before and I can't figure out how to format my textures either in 3ds or by hand in the ase to get them to convert with q3data, so I don't have to edit the md3's by hand... anyone know? Thanks.