View Full Version : Help with error!

Caster Troy
05-05-2002, 08:13 AM
Well, I made my nice little custom skin. I had it in it's own folder in the models/players/ directory. It worked great in modview. It didn't show up when I tried MP, so I .pk3'd it, and left it in the base directory, with the paths all set and everything. Now, when I try to just create an MP game, when it gets to "awaiting snapshot" it crashes and gives me the error "Requested feature was omitted at compile time"

I think I've seen this error in modview as well.... Usually I just convert the most recent file to a tga from jpg. However, now it works great in modview but crashes JK2. Any idea on exactly what this error means? (more specific than something is missing...) I guess I will try converting all the files to .tga, but it's too late for that right now. Just postin' my question before I go to bed :)

Thanks all, Caster