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Rouge 6
08-23-2001, 07:40 PM
Finally, I have arrived at my true destination. This place seems a few steps up from Rogue Squadron.net. First time on this forum, hope it's better than the last. Rogue Squadron.net turned out to be a big dissapointment.

08-23-2001, 08:35 PM
Hi Rogue 6! sup? I'm rather new here too! I've been here a week and a half! :D The only problem I've ever had with this forum is getting addicted to it! lol! ;)

08-23-2001, 09:16 PM
You have just signed your death warrant.

08-23-2001, 09:19 PM
A disappointment you say? May I ask why?

08-23-2001, 09:19 PM
Why did you leave in the first place?

State your Rogue Squadron Community username.

08-23-2001, 09:29 PM
Garindan, what is your problem with new people? Everyone has to be new in some place at some time! Even you. Go ahead...you can shoot me or chop my head off now.

08-23-2001, 09:40 PM
I don't think he was talking to you.

08-23-2001, 09:41 PM
I know he wasn't. but he said that to me also when I announced that I was new. I'm just asking anyway.

08-23-2001, 09:42 PM
He never said that to me.

08-23-2001, 09:44 PM
What did the RS'ers ever do to you? :(

08-23-2001, 10:01 PM
Believe me Quaalgnbhiorbn gl whatever it is, this is a WHOLE different thing. When someone insults Rogue Squadron or says anything evil about us, they get tortured and humiliated.

We're currently looking to see who the man behind the mask REALLY is.

08-23-2001, 10:02 PM
Caution R15, it could've been a misunderstanding...

08-23-2001, 10:09 PM
I suppose you're right. What we REALLY want to know, is WHY we were disappointing. And please tell us your username so we can find out what WE did wrong and make it right.

08-23-2001, 11:33 PM
wow! I didn't think there was anyone that honorable anymore. R15, you certainly surprise me! I mean it's pretty cool to think that people out there actually stand up for making things right. I thought guys just left one another alone if a fight ensued unless of course it had something to do with them...anyway, I think that pretty awesome.

Sorry, I just had to say that. You guys can go on back to your conversation again. :)

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08-24-2001, 01:02 AM
ya, i make it all sound intimidating, when i'm really just joking. it's funny seeing newbies getting scared like that. u should've seen what i did to redwing when he first joined roguesquadron.net I got his email, and it was his REAL name, and i did a people search, and got his street address, city, and state, and said 'whose address is this?' heh yelled at me and told me to take it off. of course, it was Jared's fault for saying 'Hey, where'd you get mine and redwing's address?'

08-24-2001, 01:06 AM
okay, my view on life hasn't changed after all. I'm still a cynical woman. thank you for dashing all my wondering about the human race.

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08-24-2001, 01:41 AM
*snorts* That wasn't too nice Garindan/Rogue15, why would you do something like that?

08-24-2001, 02:33 AM
Maybe I felt like it. :confused:

08-24-2001, 02:36 AM
oops, i misread the post. IT WAS PERFECTLY NICE!!!! It's FUNNY seeing newbies being freaked out and paranoid! And then afterwards they realize that you were just joking and become your friend. well, half of them realize u were joking. others just need to be given large quantities of insane medication.

08-24-2001, 03:09 AM
Welcome Newcomer Sup?

Zell Raider
08-24-2001, 04:57 AM
Welcome to the JK Boards Rogue 6 :D

Boba Fat
08-24-2001, 05:13 AM
Welcome Newcomer I am the one called Boba Fat. :)WOW Qwi Xux are you a woman? I am not sexist but I always thought you were a guy! :eek:

Boba Fat

08-24-2001, 10:36 AM
well I'm certainly not a guy. So the only other option is me being a woman. i actually think it's kind of funny that everyone, almost everyone, thought I was a guy. Obviously you haven't read the Jedi Academy Trilogy. Which is where I got my name from.

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08-24-2001, 01:17 PM
ya, right. heh, oh btw, everybody, i'm a girl too!

08-24-2001, 01:18 PM
and if u believed that for one second, i hope u lost 20 brain cells.

08-24-2001, 01:19 PM
Welcome, Rogue 6 ;)

08-24-2001, 01:43 PM
i guess you haven't read Jedi Academy. If I was a guy with the name Qwi Xux.....that is just sick! Being a guy with the name of Qwi Xux that is.

08-24-2001, 04:08 PM
Hey, I just recently finished the trilogy.

Nah, there's nothing really that unusual about a guy using a "girl" name on the internet, after all, it's pretty hard to positively identify somebody's gender from just text, and tend people "fib" from time to time for a myriad of reasons. Just telling you like it is. ; p

Most people will just have to politely take your word for it though, obviously.

But yeah, that blue, feather-fairy alien who builds super weapons in the books is Qwi's namesake. And she and Wedge get together? Must be some interspecial thing... (I thought that only worked in Star Trek?)

Ah well...


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08-25-2001, 07:06 PM
This thread is turning into Darth Crater's Announcement all over again, eh Kurgan? (Kurgan being the only other person here old enough to remember that. :rolleyes: )

What's happening over at RS.net? Everyone seems to be leaving there and moving to XWA.net. It's like this mass influx of cluebies. :rolleyes: Where're all you people coming from?

Having read JA years ago, I pegged to Qwi being female almost instantly, so :p.

Originally posted by Qwi Xux:
<STRONG>Garindan, what is your problem with new people? Everyone has to be new in some place at some time! Even you. </STRONG>


You should'a seen Garindan when he was a pesky little newbie; flooding the boards 24/7 looking for editing help, then spamming us when he finally finished something.

08-25-2001, 07:14 PM
I was going to mention xwa being harder on newbies...

08-25-2001, 07:39 PM
I-being not too new, but new all the same- come from the Lands of Avalon. And the darkest shadows of the Internet. Having finally seen the err in my ways I have left the shadowy depths and now am here. And that is my story for being here. The End.

08-26-2001, 04:40 PM
Avalon's lord, be thou enchained,
Thy power to child's strength restrained.
'Til contest done and issue known,
This battle win by craft alone.--Titania (Gargoyles)


08-26-2001, 06:06 PM
lol...I remember that! ;)

08-27-2001, 04:30 PM

Vocate venti fortunate ex rege Oberonis et hic navis fluctum regate ad orae Avalonis.


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08-27-2001, 05:10 PM
Posted by Kurgan:
Just telling you like it is.

Unless your lying to us! :D

Darth Cindy
08-27-2001, 08:42 PM
Originally posted by Kurgan:
<STRONG>Nah, there's nothing really that unusual about a guy using a "girl" name on the internet, after all, it's pretty hard to positively identify somebody's gender from just text, and tend people "fib" from time to time for a myriad of reasons. Just telling you like it is. ; p</STRONG>

yeah like me I commonly go by Uutont Fær Uulion, but dust off this name everyonce in a while just to make sure it still works.
I'm keeping it for when some asks me if they look fat. Because being a guy there is no proper response for that, but being a girl, I can tell them to "stuff a sock in it."
not that anyone has ever asked me that question, but i know that eventually it will come. and then while the rest of you guys are searching for something to say I can be putting them in their place.

Well anyway one can never be too prepared

08-27-2001, 10:22 PM
Well well another Darth yet doesnt seem like another one umm intresting..

08-28-2001, 01:04 PM
If 'tis quoting of magic spells you seek,
'neath mine your powers shall be weak.
Shakespearean spells and glamour of Fay,
magic warps to my wish to win the day.


08-30-2001, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by Darth Vader:
<STRONG>Well well another Darth yet doesnt seem like another one umm intresting..</STRONG>

Jeez.. ever heard of spell checking? You are
very hard to understand...