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05-05-2002, 07:28 PM
This is something I was thinking up while at work..

Everyone knows the force is malleable. Much more so than a program can try to create. So, I was thinking of ways to implement more control over the Force in a game using WASD and Mouselook and a few other keys. I began to realize that preprogrammed powers were the only obvious way. Then, I started thinking of ways to change that around.

We all know the saber has different stances... well, maybe the force can have different modes of use. There are probably endless implementations of something like that, so I narrowed it down to a system how the saber works. The Force bar will change colors relative to the type of use of the force. Blue, would remain the same. Yellow and red would be the other two colors. Yellow would mean continuous, and red would be charge. Explanation? Red mode would allow you to stock force energy and release it all at once. Example: Lightning could be condensed into a ball and kept in a jedi's hand until he released it or a timer ran out. It would most likely create an effect similar to the DEMP2's secondary fire (shockwave). Also similar to destruction without the knockback. Continuous mode however, would allow the jedi to create a field of electricty around himself that would damage enemies in its radius. These are examples, and by no means the boundry of what could be done. Below is a list of some force powers and their different effects relative to the mode the jedi will use the force in. You cannot have two powers in yellow mode active, with the exception of sight.

Also, I think there should be a meditative stance that recovers force energy, but leaves the user open to attack. A 5 second delay is needed to recover from the meditation.

-Yellow Mode: Creates a stream of a pushing force that flows in a small arc.
-Red Mode: When fully charged, this allows a jedi to tear an enemy into pieces (or pushing damage in MP). Its range is very short, and at longer distances, the effect is reduced.

-Yellow Mode: Allows a jedi to scale walls (similar to Spider-man..)
-Red Mode: Acts as a grappling hook, pulling the jedi to the point where the force is targetted.

-Yellow Mode: This allows a jedi to enhance his reflexes, thus allowing him to block extremely effectively. All attacks within a 70 degree cone in front of the jedi are automatically blocked, regardless of the potency of an attack.
-Red Mode: This allows a jedi to hurl himself as an object causing damage to whatever, or whoever he hits. Fully charged, if a jedi hits a solid object, he may end up hurting himself.

Jump - Since this is passive, I really cant think of anything for it.

Heal - Cant think of anything to add to this power.

Mind Trick
-Yellow: This mode lets a jedi take control of an individual's mind and control most of his actions. Depending on the level of Mind trick, determines what actions are available.
-Red: This attack is so strong it lets a jedi physically harm the target with a mind blast that knocks the target off guard.

Lightning - Explained above too
-Yellow: Creates an area of effect that damages anything within the radius
-Red: Constructs a ball of energy that can be hurled. Explodes on contact and has a blast wave that hurts enemies.

-Yellow: This enhances a jedi's offense by increasing his strength so that his attacks are more potent
-Red: This mode will fling an enemy skyward with a height depending on the amount put into the charge.

-Yellow: Creates a radius of force negation. All force within the radius is slowly drained. (You might think what advantage this may have over normal drain.. This would be considered passive so you could attack and have this power active.)
-Red: Creates a shield in a 90 degree arc in front of the jedi that has the same affect as the Ysalimiri, except it only lasts for a short period of time. Length dependent on the amount of force put into the charge. Example: Full charge = 4 seconds, half charge = 2 seconds, etc.

Dark Rage - Really nothing to change here

-Yellow: Creates a barrier that is 4 meters wide, and 3 meters tall that lasts so long as the jedi has force. When the barrier takes damage, a jedi will lose an amount of force equal to 75% the damage done to the barrier. A Jedi may combine this power with his meditative stance to reinforce the barrier, but leaves himself open to attack. He must also have the crosshair on the barrier while in the stance, and cannot be more than 10 meters away from the barrier to use the meditative stance to reinforce it. (An indicator could be implemented to tell if you are within the radius or not. Teammates can add their force pools to the power of the barrier by looking at the barrier and entering the meditative stance. The same rules apply to the teammate jedi as the jedi who created the barrier.
-Red: Sometimes, it is best to leave someone out of the fight altogether. This allows a jedi to surround the target with a strong layer of force that prevents all damage done to the player. The drawback is that the player cannot move or perform any action besides assume the meditative stance. When used on himself, the jedi cannot perform the meditative stance. A 20 degree cone surrounds the crosshair for easier targeting.

-Yellow: This functions as normal absorb does, but drains force a little faster. This extends the field of absorbtion around the jedi's lightsaber, and allows to him to absorb a portion of force when he hits the enemy and is dependant on the power of the attack.
-Red: This power allows a jedi to absorb all force in a large radius, including his own. By going into a trance for 10 seconds, a jedi prepares this attack. Once finished, it remains with the jedi until he decides to use it. When used, it explodes from the jedi causing an EMP effect.. shorting out enemies force. Because of the volitility of this power, it damages the mind of the jedi using it because of the immense discipline and concentration needed to perform it. All force is negated for 45 seconds and the damage taken would be around 10-30, depending on the level of absorb (30-level 1, 10-level 3). The offset to the damage is that the radius is large, about a 30 meter circumference, and goes through walls if you have sight on.

-Yellow: Allows a jedi to dodge sniper fire without the use of force. If this mode is switched from, the effect ends. It is automatic, and doesn't need activation.
-Red: This allows a jedi to keep track of an enemy or friend for a limited amount of time, example 3 minutes. You must keep the target in sight for 8 seconds so the power can take effect. There wouldn't be a limit on how many people you could use this on either. The aura surrounding the target is visible through walls and when combined with blue mode sight, you can tell the health, shield, and force level and mode of an opponent.

Saber throw
-Yellow: This allows a jedi to spin the saber around himself that damages foes for 1/2 of the normal damage. The saber spins around extremely fast, so its likely you'd be able to hit someone twice easily. The effect lasts for as long as the jedi has force. He cannot use the meditative stance while using this power.
-Red: This allows a jedi to throw a saber with tremendous force and accuracy that does double the damage of a normal saber throw. The saber is easily deflected however, because its flight is rather unstable when this power is used. By deflected, I mean knocking the saber out of flight and onto the ground, not being blocked. You do need to block to knock the saber out of flight though.

Meditative stance
- This stance can be used to reaquire lost or used force power. Depending on the force level set by the server will determine how fast force is recovered (Jedi Master, Jedi Knight, Jedi Guardian, etc.). Since an initiate is still learning about the force, he would not know how to use this. Padawans and above would, and Padawans taking the longest to recover force. A simple chart: Padawan: 25% to normal regeneration of force, Jedi: 45% to regeneration rate, Jedi Adept: 65% to regeneration rate, Jedi Guardian: 85% to regeneration rate, Jedi Knight: 110% to regeneration rate, Jedi Master: 125% to regeneration rate. The stance requires a 5 second recovery time to fully escape the effects of the meditation. The jedi can remain in this stance however long he wishes, unless he is powering a Protection barrier, and can be knocked out of the stance if enough damage is done to the barrier. If he is knocked out of the stance, his force will remain full, but he cannot enter the stance again for 1 minute. This resets if the jedi is killed.

Server Cvars would be available to disable certain powers in certain modes and set the rate of regeneration, regardless of force level set, or even disable it all-together.

05-05-2002, 09:34 PM
Hey there! Very cool ideas you have in mind there. It would be great to see it to download sometimes in the future. If I wouldn't plan to release my own MOD (DBZ TC), I surely would be in your team...

Peace & Respect
-- Aetherfukz

05-05-2002, 09:36 PM
Originally posted by Aetherfukz
Hey there! Very cool ideas you have in mind there. It would be great to see it to download sometimes in the future. If I wouldn't plan to release my own MOD (DBZ TC), I surely would be in your team...

Peace & Respect
-- Aetherfukz

Unfortunately I have 0 skills in coding. I mapped for Worldcraft and attempted to learn Radiant, but just lost motivation. I'm what you'd call a content guy, who make terrible mod team leaders :p

05-06-2002, 06:43 AM
actually, i think 5 secs recovery time for the mediative stance is a bit too long

when qui gon jinn did a similar thing, he recovered a helluva lot faster!

i think the delay shd be about 2 secs

05-06-2002, 12:36 PM
Originally posted by Chua
actually, i think 5 secs recovery time for the mediative stance is a bit too long

when qui gon jinn did a similar thing, he recovered a helluva lot faster!

i think the delay shd be about 2 secs

The problem and the reason why I put 5 seconds was that people could use it in the middle of battle and recover force. Even with the new force abilities, I still dont want to see someone crouch down in the middle of a firefight and then jump up when someone approaches.

On top of that, Qui-gon Jinn knew when the field was going down probably.


05-06-2002, 01:36 PM
I have 0 Modding experiance, but I can create new pictures for the powers and stuff easily, with my PhotoShop 7. I think we should include a 1st-yavin-like single player level, where you gain these new powers, and then 5 or 6 levels where you have to use them. But if you want me to help with the pictures, I can do that. I can also (if needed) host the website for this mod.