View Full Version : Anyone interested in doing a sleeping rancor for my map?

05-05-2002, 09:54 PM
I'm currently working on a SP map of Jabba's palace (check the general or map forums for screens), part of the plotline for the map will require you to fetch your lightsaber from the sleeping rancor, but not having the tools or the knowledge to model it I was hoping someone would do it for me. Also It wouldn't need to be animated, so no worries there.

As a reward for doing it you would get your name in the readme file! I could even be persuaded to put it in a really big font if you wanted :)

If you're interested in this amazing 'get your name in a readme file' opportunity you can contact me through ICQ number 158386712, on MSN at danrobjim@hotmail.com or just e-mail me at that address, preferably with some shots of models you've done in the past (not necessarily from JO).