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05-07-2002, 03:47 AM
The Unholy Scarabs have a lot of history in SWG, we are part of what is left of orginal SWG clan after the demise of Nexsis, the other parts being Juganoth and Scoundrels.
The Unholy Scarabs are looking to return to the SWG frame, and we are looking for new members at the moment to
Our motto is Worship the Heresy
While the civil war spreads through the galaxy, a new force finds a way to spread even more chaos. Neither Imperial not Rebel is able to withstand that chaos, both will go down in it. Within that chaos only the creators know how to survive, only they know how to win... Within the chaos that is consuming the galaxy The Unholy Scarabs are able to do the jobs they are hired for: Bounty Hunting, Smuggling, Thievery, Exploring, Information gathering, Slicing. Even pilots, bartenders and shopkeepers are members. It is even rumored they have a Dark Jedi in there middle, using his powers to spread more chaos... Due to some continuous server problems the website is still not fully working, therefore only the message board is open for public.

Your destiny lies with us!
Join us http://webadmin.digitalrice.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi
Sorry Sites being upgraded, but go to our boards!

or email me at karax_haazt@hotmail.com