View Full Version : Player physics and terrain = awesome

05-07-2002, 06:43 AM
So far the large terrain map (Hoth actually) I'm working on is going swimmingly (although alphamaps have given me headaches that I've decided to overcome with GTKradiant unless an update to JK2 can fix what seems to be a problem with alphamaps), and I'm especially happy with the way JK2 player physics interacts with terrain environments.

Due mainly to the fact that the player can often jump pretty high and move quickly through the air, it appears possible to do a lot of Tribes-like maneuvers suck as skating down slopes and incredible launch jumps that become possible as your momentum increases. The player animations seem to cope really well with terrain as well.

I'm just crossing my fingers that bots can move around terrain reasonably well, because they sucked in Q3A.