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05-07-2002, 02:57 PM
House rules have been a source of much emotional turmoil for myself, and I'm sure many others.

In a game title there is a little extra room in which some moderators like to post some house rules. The space is small however, so often the house rules will say something to the effect of "no kill, saber off". Obviously I am intellectually inferior to everyone else who plays Jedi Knight because I have no idea what this means. I simply ignored it and began killing everyone in sight. It was soon brought to my attention that this is a "no-no move"(good move). apparently "no kill, saber off" actually means "don't kill another player if that player is holding a deactivated lightsaber." Okay, that's a fair rule, someone might want to join a server and just walk around with a deactivated lightsaber. I've done some crazy things in my youth too.

Anyways, now understanding the full extent of the house rules, I begin to follow them. I turn off my lightsaber to avoid being attacked and start to throw people into bottomless pits. When people retalliate, I report them immediately to the moderator. I shouldn't feel at risk of getting killed when my lightsaber is off.

Anyhoo, it comes to my attention that there is another house rule in which you can't use force powers while your saber is off. This little house rule(which is not mentioned in the game title) nearly gets me kicked from the server. However, when I do learn of it, I reactivate my saber and start to kick some ass, within the confines of the house rules.

But wait, there are still more unannounced "house rules." Apparently, on this particular server, you are not allowed to kill people while they're typing. The moderators seem to be more conserned with hosting a chat-party chat room than a game server.

This one finally gets me banned from the server. I suppose I killed the moderator while he was chattin up with his boy-toys. If he didn't want to be killed, he shouldn't have had a word bubble over his head saying "Please kill me"(I made a patch so that this text replaces the standard icon in the typing bubble over the users head. Email me for more info on how to do this yourself).

ANyhoo, I guess my point is, don't make stupid house rules. You shouldn't have to confuse your guests just so you can beat them at a stupid video game. By the time someone finally learns all the dumb house rules on a server, it's way past their bed time and they haven't killed anything yet. Here are the new official house rules of every JK server on the internet:

"If the game lets you do it, it's not illegal"