View Full Version : SP - patch messes up controls?

05-07-2002, 03:32 PM
OK ... for some reason I installed the patch even though I don't play MP and everything works fine ... (this is my 3rd time through SP). Anyway, I'm on Cairn_reactor, and did my jumping puzzle and came into the hall and tried to use Force Pull on my room of friends ;) I pulled some, but my saber flew out of my hand as well! After emptying the room, I found that my controls were nerfed up - Mouse 4 (I have an Intellimouse Explorer) WAS Pull, now listed as Pull, but did Pull and Alt-Attack. When I did the re-assign circle, I ended up with th elight-amp goggles on Mouse 4 ... arrgh! I have a laptop, so I then got rid of anything with a 'keypad' assignment. I think I'm all set now ...

Anyone else see this, or anything else I should be looking for?

Also, are the saber changes for MP only? I have been enjoying 1-hit Blue kills recently (have a great 'roasting marshmallows' screenshot for anyone who is interested)



05-07-2002, 09:34 PM
A couple of other people have had similar problems. Check this thread out and see if it helps.


Basically, check what is bound to your Alt-key, that's most likely the problem. You'll have to unbind Alt and not use it. Dunno what the patch did, but it messed something up.