View Full Version : The down low

Silent Wolf
05-07-2002, 03:47 PM
Im aware that many of you are under 20 and severly socially retarted so ill make this brief.

Change is a part of life, if you dont like it i feel for you as life in your shoes will get nothing but harder. I started playing jk2 day one and loved every minute of it, however the system imho was flawed in that it didnt recreate the action as solidly as the single player system did. I didnt gripe about this, i just stopped playing after i felt i learned every thing i could about the game.

Now they have altered the combat, and for the better or the worse, its a change ( i personally like it) . My advice to most of you is, deal with it or just leave. If you dont like it that much, please just exit silently so that those who actually appreciate hard work, which most of you whiners no little of, can enjoy there jk2 experience.

That is all.