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IronJedi Kaga
05-07-2002, 03:53 PM
First off, opinions based on tested game changes. Just got done playing about 30 rounds of saber matches, both force and no force. First off the biggest change, the blocking. Good change. It now takes alot more skill to hit someone. Also it has the side effect of fixing some of the hit dectection issues. I've been killed mutiple times while backing up when the other person swung from right in front of me, in addition the saber never physically touched my character. With the new patch this no longer happens.

Second, i'd like to disucss the new damage system. Great job there. Before myself and many other players would use the spin moves to get glancing hits on opponents. With the new system you can still do this but only for low damage if you hit at all. You now have to get up close and get hit with the main body of the saber to do maximum damage. Combined with blocking it will take much more skill to kill someone with the saber.

Third the moves: Goog changes especailly with the dfa. It will now take great timing and skill to kill someone with this. Spamming it will most likely get someone killed. The kick on the other hand is incredibly difficult to do. Of all the full force matches I played tonight, about 12, no one got the kick to work, even when we stopped ifighting and tried the new double jump system out. Though of course like the other canges it takes more skill to use.

Finally the nf sabers: Adding saber throw to nf sabers was wrong. It has no business being there as the point of the nf saber match is to win by saber skill alone, not force skills. And since you cant use saber throw with no force, it doest belong. That sums up the saber expereince.

Since I havent played any gun games yet the rest is speculation. As for the ammo requirements for the golan and the repeater, it s good move. They will now require people to aim, and no longer blindy spam grenades or mines down corridors. It will also encourage the use of the other weapons.

However for all those compnainig about guns, sabers will probably still cme out on the bottom. While the new damage system works great in sabers, hurting gun users becomes even more difficult as most hits from the saber, especially when someone is moving, can yield anywhere from 15 to 30 damage even with heavy stance. Add to that the fact that one cant block while swining, and a gun user whom continuously back up against a saberist will most likely have the advantage as the saberist will not always, if at all get in a full damage hit. However some of the weapns may need to be reevaluated as the nerf guns are the main weapons that are really effective against a saber user who has high defense. Thermals will still work, as will dets and mines. The disrupter and RL will work as well. However the st rifle, bryar, and bowcaster are all innefective as well as the golan and repeater primary firing modes.

As for the force changes. Heal change sounds great. Players will now have to balance their use of the force if they want to heal. Use too much and healing will be ineffective. This also solves the problem of chain healing, another plus. As for drain, the force usage is good, it prevents people from following up a full drain wioht the stronger powers. Though for people who drain whore to exclusive to heal still have an overpowering advantage at level 3 IMO because of drains large range. This is true especially in sabers. Without a gun, a darksider has no ranged attacks to use against someone who backs up and uses drain as saber throw, and lightning will be disabled. Well correct that, not no ranged attacks but rather very little time to use them. Unless you counter the split second they start draining odds are you wnt have enough force left to do a ranged counter attack. As for grip, it sounds lame. Even myself a HPB with a ping ranging from about 180-450 on most severs can push people who grip me 95 percent of the time. The 5 percent where I cant push them usually occurs when I get ambushed, which is fine becasue if I'm caught by surprise I deserve to suffer the consequences. I think it was fine before the patch.

Overall the patch is great for saber duels, and ok for guns and sabers.

On a side note the new maps. Well bespin is fun on nf, but as t=it appears right now, is unplayable with force. Whomever jumps first dies to a push or pull simply put. Hanger offers decent gameplay but is basiaclly a boring box with a shiny floor. I probbaly could have made that with the exception of the shiney floor, and I'm horrible with radient. As for the academy map, it would have been cool but it has already been relased by someone in the community, nothing new there. Havent played the fourth level but heard it was just the part where we fight desann. Overall average, though it will gain extra points if I find out you can kill somone with the pillars.

05-07-2002, 04:21 PM

05-07-2002, 06:11 PM
I tried to kick a bot many times.. It's a lot harder .. even if it is actually possible? or do you have to double tap the jump button?

Nill the Mean
05-07-2002, 06:22 PM
How about you go look at the readme file for your answer? Or search another post? It has been mentioned at least a dozen times by now.

John Goo
05-07-2002, 06:32 PM
There is no question in here, don't be ignorant. :|
Ironjedi, I agree with you on most points except for the kick thing; IMHO, kicks are easier to do now than before. I dunno, it just feels more normal to me.
Hateplow : Why is this thread stupid? Some guy sharing his thoughts with us, nothing wrong with that.