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05-07-2002, 10:37 PM
(Scroll down for a way to change the force powers. Als otake a look at my map at http://www.jedioutcastmaps.com/map.php?id=78.)

Basic Commands:

a,z: camera lock up/down (3d)
c,d: camera move up/down (3d)
insert,delete: zoom in/out (2d)

right click: get a list of available models (2d)
Shift+click: select an object/model
shift+ctrl+click: select a surface texture
right click+move mouse: move around (2d)

alt+tab: change xy/xz/zy view (2d)

n: options (select an object first)
s: surface options (work on textures)


Advanced Commands:

Use the "cgs_subtract" option to delete your current selection from any surface it is touching. (If you have a cube selected, which is inside a wall, you will get a window.)

To run various effects and scripts, create a Trigger_xxx object and a Target_xxx object. The trigger does exactely what is sais: it triggers the effect. The target defines the effect.
To connect both, open the options (n-key) of the trigger_xxx and add the variable "target" <name>. Now open the options of the target_xxx and add the variable "targetname" <name>. A small arrow should connect both, once you deselect them and close the options. You're done!
(Note that there can only be one "target" or "targetname" variable for each object.)

Functions (like doors or platforms) can be found under func_xxx. Read their descriptions carefully. The programmers always tell you what to do!

The variable "team" <teamname> will connect (the function of) two objects. If you want to create a double-door, just add the variable "team" <door1> for both parts of the door.

Doors can get the classical Star Wars sound with the variable "soundset" <impdoor1>.

To compile a map, choose "bsp (full vis)" in the bsp menu. Be sure that the map is inside your "Jedi Knight2/base/maps" directory!

To make the ground or a wall solid, use the "make solid" command (in the "selection" menu).

The player will spawn wherever you place the "info_player_start" object. The n-key will open its properties.

If you use the n-key, while no object is selected, you will able to change the world settings (under "worldspawn", scroll down).

If you want to change the starting force powers, health, armor... whatever, you have to connect a "traget_scriptrunner" object with the "info_player_start" object (use the "target" and "targetname" commands for that, see above). Now add the variable "usescript" <kejim_post/kejim_start> (without the "" and <>) to the "target_scriptrunner". This will start the script at the beginning of the level (in this case: 50 armor, 100 health, no force).

The make your own script, create the folder "Jedi Knight 2/base/scripts/<your_map_name>" and place an existing scriptfile (.ibi) into the folder. You can find existing scripts in the "assets0.pk3". The scriptfile is hard to write, but manipulating an existing one is quite easy (just change the numeric values).
Please note that the "usescript" command (see above) does not allow the .ibi extension or the "scripts" path.
Thus, if you create the "Jedi Knight2/base/scripts/your_map_name/start_script.ibi", you have to use the command "usescript" <your_map_name/start_script" in your target_scriptrunner.


From another board user (sorry, I forgot your name):

If you want light in your map without using light entities or shaders (daylight) just deselect everything, press n and add the following variables to worldspawn:

"light" <300>

"_color" <1 1 1>

300 for light is like a fairly sunny day, and 1 1 1 or colour is white.

Gidion, a.k.a. Dalboz