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05-08-2002, 12:03 AM
ok, I've got a bid chunk of land, and I want to make a circular bottomless pit in it, how do i do this??

I've tried 4 inverted bevels in the corners, but

1.its not perfectly circular
2. there are gaps on the sides opposite the inverted bevel

PS, if you cant understand what im asking, tell me

05-08-2002, 12:08 AM
Perfectly circular will be rather hard... even Raven didn't use a circular hole in their circular duel map with the platforms around the edges of the walls (can't remember the name of it now).

If you load that map and look in the center, you can see different triangle shaped textures that all meet at the edges of the center circle instead of an actual circular texture.

It would probably be better (for framerate mostly) to just take a 16-20 sided brush and CGS subtract it from the center of your brush you're trying to make a hole in... then make a hollow lightless hole with a trigger_hurt -1 in it (for a falling death).


05-08-2002, 12:12 AM
I'm trying to do the reverse, create a rounded platform hanging over a chasm.. What i'm trying right now, is to use a 9 sided brush to approximate the surface i'm trying to create after I dug a hole around everything. Using a platform, and sticking the round part underneath it with an inverted dome.

so maybe you can do something with them using a 9 sided brush and csg subtract?

Cmdr. Antilles
05-08-2002, 12:14 AM
This probably isn't the best way to accomplish what you're doing, but to make an inverted cylinder, just create a normal one, and with it selected, go to Curves > Matrix > Invert