View Full Version : 'Do Not Enter'

05-08-2002, 04:58 AM
I don't know if I'm the only on having this problem (or if I'm just stupid), but when I use the 'Do Not Enter' texture entity, it acts like a Clip brush.

I was under the impression that bots were still able to pass through 'Do Not Enter' brushes if forced, say by an explosion or Force Push, but as I say, it's not allowing bots to pass through it at all.

I noticed that the 'Do Not Enter' brushes on the T-platform in the Kejim_Post level have the same effect, but I don't see any correlation between the instances in which it works and those where it doesn't. Can ANYONE please help?


05-10-2002, 11:34 PM
I thought everyone should know what's going on with this, since there's a very good reason why this was (and still is) happening to me. I've been on to Mike Gummelt, and he offered this explaination:

- Due to a bug in the bot code for SoF2 (which was shared with JK2), the "blocknpc" shader has no effect whatsoever.

- Due to the same bug, the "do_not_enter" shader acts like a clip brush.

- There is nothing that acts like the "do_not_enter" shader.

- This only affects JK2 Multiplayer, so these shaders will act normally in Single Player.