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05-08-2002, 11:00 AM
24 hours since patch:

Here is more of my observations:

Played on several maps yesterday. Trying to find all the gripes that everyone has, as well as what I still like/or don't about the patch and the new combat system.

When I hopped on my first server I was dissapointed. It was the Nar Shadaa level and when I cam to that one area with the 4 wells, and facing the big emptiness of the streets there was 6 Jedi's there swinging wildly in either light/med just smashing each other to bits.

I turned on absorb, and rushed in. Of the bat I realized that dark side players take the bait starting trying to grip/drain/push/lightning and after a while they stop. As a trade off, with absorb on, I don't gather up force so-jumps mind tricks push/pulls of my own use it all up and I'm left with nothing.

When absorb comes off, good players realize it and start light/grip etc.

In any case, two of the players spamming MUST have been noobs, or new to the patch, they were just holding attacking and swerving all over the place with light. I waited until they came close to me... PUSH... one fell of the ledge the other died from a light swing lunge, and some more hits.

Absorb ran out, and this one dude gripped me and tossed me over the ledge.

Ok, that was the last time those two guys sat around spamming the rest of the match. More observations-sitting on a ledge with absorb on, I am no longer just chucked off the ledge so easily, people who abuse saber throw get tossed into the air, and if you time it just right someone who just blindly rushes you can get a nasty slash from above with the medium finisher. Which, with the new button scheme seems cooler to pull off, and more humiliating to die from.

Dude rushed me, medium finisher, and I was staring at his character's body under my feet. Sweet. It was like that before it just seemed that sometimes I could do the medium finisher and the other player died 3 feet behind me.

I actually found protection usefull on more than one occasion. And heavy stance is NOT useless. While there are more blocks and stuff, anyone who spams blindly will get beeeootch slapped with a push, or the 2-hit heavy combos which are pretty devastating. I was surprised to see I can do a swing then have it turn into a DFA, I didn't kill because I missed completely but that's cool to know.

Was in several duels, and I thought... DUELS ARE FRIGGIN AWESOME NOW. I had a duel with a guy that lasted 10 minutes, running, hiding, attacking, switching stances, throws, rolls. I bought this game and JK1 to use a lightsaber that's it I could care less for the heavy repeater.. that's my opinion. In one duel we fought for five minutes and I was down to 65 health, the whole time he was using light, then he went to heavy and 2-hit combo'ed me. Nice.

Next duel match I rolled under my opponents jump attack, and did the back+attack with medium and won (match time approx 3 minutes)

The next map was the Yavin arena. And I found even more strats to use on spammers. Run backwards and saber throw, if they run from you force pull and forward lunge with the blue stance. If they stop spamming, your saber throws are useless and if they dont run away your force pull isn't going to work. Absorb is great but it sucks if no one is hitting you, use it wisely STILL.

Kicks can be done, I've gotten quite used to slapping the spacebar twice. And are awesome to pull in duels. Next I played on a duel server and went dark side.

I think that the only thing that needs to be UNTWEAKED is the grip, and lightning needs to be a tad more powerful. Because when a light sides absorb runs out you dont have alot of time to *zap* him back. You can only keep teasing him with attacks hoping he keeps absorb on and keeps wasting his force with push/pull or force jump. When that happens THEN he is open for attack. Also at times when your managing absorb because of the non-glow, sometimes you think its on and its not.. happened to me a few times. But still I think dark side powers are a little too weakened. That I will say isn't good...

All my duels took 3-9 minutes. I was 3rd on the server, I played with every single stance in almost every single duel. On the two FFA maps I placed 5th and 4th respectively, our of 18 people. That's about how it used to be pre-patch.

05-08-2002, 11:29 AM
"When absorb comes off, good players realize it and start light/grip etc."

How? The only effect Absorb makes when you aren't being attack is the relatively quiet sound when it comes on. There's nothing to tell people it's off.

As a returning Light Jedi during this patch, I've found Absorb is much better used in moderation. People will rarely attack you again with force for a little while after you absorb one or two of their attempts, so take advantage of that and save power.

Duel mode is LOTS of fun now, IMHO. There are a lot of factors to pay attention to as a Light Jedi, and it's much more interesting. If they're a Dark Jedi, you hit them once or twice and then turn on Absorb for the Drain attempt you know is coming. You can then generally turn it off again; if you see them backing away from you, turn it back on. Protect is great for when you can see they're about to hit you; I always turn it on whenever I get knocked down and it helps a lot. Heal is relatively useless in a heated duel, but if you saved you're saving your force effectively you should be able to get it off a couple times in a duel. Neither Heal or Drain were ever meant to keep you alive indefinitely like they pretty much did before; they're a little added longevity, nothing more.